Monday, May 22, 2017

Punta Cana

Hey everyone! 

No blog this week due to the hubby and I leaving for a fun vacation this week. I will be back next Tuesday (5/30) with lots of pictures and to tell you all about my trip. 

Love you all and have a wonderful week and a great Memorial Day!!!! 

Oh and a BIG thank you to my sister, my dad and my mother in law Debbie for helping Bobby and I out this week with Brody. Taking time out of your week to keep him and the pups means more to me then you might know. Love you guys so much!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Five on Friday

What exciting news I have for you all! Tomorrow (Saturday, May 20th) is one of the founders (Halie), of Emerald Sky's, 30th birthday and in honor of that, they are having a one day sale. But not just any sale. A 30% off anything and everything sale! There won't be another sale like this till Black Friday so you are going to want to participate. Especially if there are items you have been dying to get for this summer but procrastinated. you go! Use the code HLH30 at checkout. 

two. Fave4
I know I have raved on their products before but this time it's their hat. They brought out 2 new hats for summer and I couldn't be more excited. I chose white because I love the purple 4 and I don't have any white hats. But...I am this close to buying the black one too so I have options. They are only $18 and super super cute on! It has a 4 on the front and FAVE4 on the back. Even Bobby told me he might be stealing it sometimes.

three. Instagram if you are an Instagram junkie like me and love Instastory like me, you might have noticed a few days ago they came out with faces for you to use on Instastory. I have been obsessed with it. And yes...I know Snapchat has a whole bunch but I don't Snapchat so whatev. 

four. Pink Ladies/Mean Girls
Ever since I started at Swink, I wear pink on Wednesday's. If you know where that is from, we can be really good friends. If you are staring at this, scratching your brain...the idea came from the movie Mean Girls....they only wore pink on Wednesday's. I just love the idea (wearing pink, not being a mean girl) so it stuck. I have finally started getting my Sweat girls involved. This Wednesday we had the biggest pink turnout for it. I love my Swink Sweat girls! 

five. Haircut
Someone got a haircut yesterday and he is too cute for words. Ralph (Bobby's barber) is incredible with him. Brody was amazing as well and never cried or fused. He just let Ralph do his thing. He did end up playing with Ralph's water bottle and that saved us the last 8 minutes or so. He was obsessed with spraying it and wasn't even thinking about his hair. I seriously have the cutest kiddo!

Next week I will be out of town. I will be blogging Monday but won't the rest of the week. I will be in Punta Cana, relaxing and get my drink on. I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Demi for Fabletics

Dear Diary,

You know my Love for Fabletics. I think everyone who reads this blog or knows me or has met me understands this Love/Passion. It has changed my life in how I wear workout clothes and just in my everyday life of wearing clothes. 

I also have a Love for Demi Lovato. I Love who she stands for, I Love who she is, I Love how she has had struggles and talks about them. Her singing voice is off the charts and her beauty too. So when I found out she was collaborating with one of my favorite clothing companies, I knew I was going to over spend. I warned Bobby way in advance so he wouldn't question me. Plus, he loves Demi and the way I look in Fabletics so it was a win win for him too :-)! 

The line is absolutely breathtaking. I already made my purchases yesterday when it was launched and I can't wait to get them in. Here is a few of my favorites. And by favorites, some of the ones I purchased haha

There is so much more! Click {here} to view it all. If you are not a member of Fabletics, you should be. It's $50 a month, you chose up to one outfit for that price and you can skip any month you don't want. I believe they are running a special right now for $24 and 2 outfits for the Demi line. Some items have already sold out. 

The best part of this collaboration.....a portion from all sales goes to an organization called United Nations Foundation's Girl Up SchoolCycle program. So not only are you going to look good but you are helping support this wonderful cause. 

Ok....what are you still doing here? GO BUY AND THANK ME LATER! 

Love, Me

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Happy Birthday to one of my best friends, my sister in law, Kristen! 

How I adore you so girl. You make me laugh like none other and you are always so honest with me. You aren't afraid to give your opinion and you are one of the most generous people I know. You have taken on a lot in this past year and you never once stopped moving forward, no matter what came your way. You are inspiring and uplifting and you always see the good in people. I absolutely adore you and thank you for always being there for me. I love you! 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


A week from today, Bobby and I leave for The Dominican Republic. Bobby won a trip to Punta Cana with his company and I couldn't be more excited to get away with him. Once he learned he won it, I have been trying really hard to work on my beach bod. I did an update post {here} about my process since having Brody and I am finally feeling ready for this summer. I also realized that I needed new swimsuits. My last new one was 4 years ago (minus the maternity ones I bought) so when I brought it up to Bobby, he didn't argue. I knew where I wanted to go, Everything But Water, because they are awesome and have so many different styles to chose from. I always have good luck there, so we dropped Brody off at his Grammy's house and headed out. I fell in love with 2 and Bobby grabbed both from my hand and bought them! He is the best y'all because they were NOT cheap. But the thing is, every swimsuit I have ever bought from Everything But Water has lasted years. It's amazing quality and you can't put a price on that. Plus they fit me like a glove and I felt pretty in them so its a win win. 

The first one is made by Robin Piccone and her stuff runs big FYI. This suit comes in different colors but I chose the baby blue because I have never had a color like this and it makes me already look kind of tan, even though I'm not! The top is $122 and the bottoms are $74 for my particular look. 

The second is made by La Blanca and this suits runs true to size. This one also comes in multiple colors but I love the color green and again, I have never had one like this so I chose it. I love these bottoms because they are a tad higher and help hold me in and have the illusion I'm fitter than I am :-). The top is $59 and the bottoms are $57 for my particular look. 

I am so excited for my trip! Let the countdown begin!!!!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

What a wonderful weekend I had. It was my second Mother's Day and it always just reminds me of how blessed I am. 
Saturday I got my hair done and that was much needed. I am more blonde/red now. Can't wait to see it in a couple weeks when it's toned down some and grew a tad. 
Sunday, us, Juan, Gabby and Miguel decided to meet up for lunch and drinks. After lunch, the boys took the boys to a petting zoo while Gabby and I went to enjoy ourselves at a bar for another drink. I just love Gabby. God sure has blessed me with her friendship. Then last night we got to celebrate Debbie for Mother's Day and Billie Marie for her 3rd birthday at Billy and Kristen's new house. It was a lot of fun. 
And then today, Gabby had a Mother's Day Brunch with some close friends and our kids and boy did we play hard! I had such a great Mother's Day! 

My new hair. I am loving the blonde for summer!

Stockyards in Fort Worth

What a blessed friendship the four of us share. I love Gabby and Miguel so very much. Brody and I are so very lucky to have found such good wholesome Godly people. 

Another picture of my hair. You can see more of the red in this pic. 

Grammy and her grandbabies. How lucky I am to have a mother in law like her! 
Maddyn, Colton, Kent, Brody, Grammy, Jace and Billie Marie

And then there were two! BFF's

Friday, May 12, 2017

Five on Friday- Mother's Day Edition

Today is a special Five on Friday. Today is dedicated to my mom and the top 5 reason's why I love her!

one. Mom
Because she is the reason I am alive. Because she is the one who gave me life. Because she is the one who has wiped my tears and hugged me through the bad. And congratulated me on the good. She was always by my side growing up, never once letting me down as a mom. She is what I strive each and everyday on how to be a mom. Being her daughter is the best. 

two. Mimi
She is the best grandmother in the world. She loves her grand-babies more than anyone else. She takes great pride in being their Mimi. She would give them anything and everything if she could. When she is with them, they are happy. As much as I love being her daughter, I kinda wanna be her grand-baby too! 

three. Kind
Talk about never judging people. She loves everyone for who they are. She doesn't care about skin color, or sexual preference or anything we today's world try so hard to be mean to. She wants the world to be able to love each other as God made them. I get this from her. I am the exact way. She made sure Kara and I understood how we were all made equal in the eyes of God and that is the only thing that matters.

four. Spirit
My mom has this spirit about her. She has this way of walking into a room and it's like she knows everyone. What I mean by that is she never meets a stranger. You automatically become friends with her. She can relate on many levels and she's not afraid to show her true self. And I believe that has something to do with her spirit. Her presence just brings a light to a room. 

five. Voice
My mom's voice is the best. No, I am not taking about singing voice. Her talking voice. Whenever I have a bad day or just need to hear something sweet, I call her. If you have ever met my mother, you would understand. It's child like. It brings a smile to your face. I would give out her cell phone number just so you could call her on your bad days. She would talk your ear off but you would leave the phone call in such a happy place.

I also asked my sister what her 5 top reasons why she loved my mother and those were: 
*She loves that she loves everybody
*She has never heard a harsh word about anyone 
*She doesn't see color or gender as an issue
*She love that she sings fun song to her kids
*She loves that they have inside jokes and laugh when no one knows why they are laughing

I also asked my dad his reasons:
*For 38 years she has been his rock
*Her loving heart
*Puts others before herself
*How she can laugh at herself
*Loves being with her family

And to top it off: I had my sister asked Landry and Hayden why they love Mimi: 
Landry- I think of Mimi when I look up at the sky & because she takes me to the dollar tree
Hayden- she buys me toys

Happy Mother's Day Mom. You deserve all the happiness in the world. I love you so very much and if you ever forget why, just come back to this blog and reread it! 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

30 in 3(1): 25: Try a Pilates Class

Dear Diary,

I have decided I am going to try to finish this 30 in 30 list I started almost 2 years ago. My best friend Gabby went to this Yoga/Pilates class last Thursday and loved it. Not only did she love it but they offered childcare included in your class price (or Free if you want to look at it that way) so she was able to do it and have someone take care of Miguel for her. So she texted me asking me to come try this class with her. So I did!

So here we are: 30 in 3(1): number 25: Try a Pilates Class

When I was pregnant with Brody, I use to follow this Yoga app on my phone to help with my breathing. I would do a few stretches but nothing real deep. Like I would do downward dog and maybe a few leg movements but nothing to write home about. So I was really excited when this class came available to try. Plus they will watch my son for win!

The place I went to is a beautiful establishment. It's called Empower Pilates Barre. The ladies there were extremely friendly and made me feel super comfortable. Gabby and Lina did the class with me and I was so glad to have them there. 

I never realized how unflexible I am or how unstable my body is. I tend to sway to the right because I hold Brody on my left hip so trying to straighten myself forward was a struggle. She said the more I did it, the better my body will be. I was dripping sweat by the time we were done. She taught me a whole bunch of different poses and my body went in ways I didn't know I could do. I was able to focus on my breathing and my core and y'all...I am already sore!

The child care area was awesome. They had snacks and played and they even had Netflix for the kiddos to enjoy. Starting in June, they will have more classes available for childcare because right now it's only Tuesday/Thursday at 9:45am. Also, can I just say that this was the first time Brody was without me in this kind of environment and he rocked it. Granted he had Miguel and Isabel and I'm sure that helped but I was so proud of him. 

Here is all the info need. You sign up online and pay too. The classes range in price but mine was only $10 for my first clas and it was an hour long! So go to the website and check it out. It was so much fun and I think I am going to stick with it. It focuses on other parts of my body that Swink Sweat doesn't. Next time we are going to try Barre and then maybe the actual Pilates machine that stretches your body beyond your control haha

Love, Me