Thursday, May 4, 2017

21 months

Dear Diary, 

How old? 21 months

Weight? 30.6 lbs (94 percentile)

Height? 35 inches (95 percentile) 

What a month! 
If you notice above, he is the same height as 20 months and he actually lost a pound which is very normal due to his level of activity this past month. I like that he has stopped for a minute cause he is such a big kid! 
Brody's vocabulary has been an issue for us. But this past month has been incredible. He has learned so many new words. He says No perfectly and it's the cutest thing ever. The words he did know he has improved on saying them, like more. I can almost always know what he is trying to say to me. 
He still uses sign language to get what he wants when he can't find the words.
He has learned the color blue and has learned more animal names. 
When you ask him to do something he does it. 
He loves to clean and get's really mad when you clean without him. 
He has mastered the art of the fake cry and does it at least once a day. 
He get's his feelings hurt and no one can hurt them more than his daddy. And Bobby doesn't even have to do anything and something will make Brody get so upset at him. We are trying to figure this one out because Bobby is the creme of the crop when it comes to being a daddy. 
Still a no go on the milk. I just don't think he likes the taste. I even tried chocolate milk and he didn't like that. It was a non sweet one so I think that is why. 
His eating has slowed down some. He use to just eat everything in sight but he has stopped that. He is a snacker which doesn't bother me. He has learned the art of cereal. He eats it every day...sometimes twice a day. His favorite cereal right now is Fruity Pebbles. 
His favorite thing is to go to a Mexican restaurant, get his own queso and sprite. He loves it. And he loves a good patio.....he is so my kid! 

My favorite thing about you this month is you hug or high five everyone. No one gets left out. You have an amazing heart and just so much fun to be around. My love for you grows each and every day and you are by far my favorite thing on this planet. 

Love, Me