Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

What a wonderful weekend I had. It was my second Mother's Day and it always just reminds me of how blessed I am. 
Saturday I got my hair done and that was much needed. I am more blonde/red now. Can't wait to see it in a couple weeks when it's toned down some and grew a tad. 
Sunday, us, Juan, Gabby and Miguel decided to meet up for lunch and drinks. After lunch, the boys took the boys to a petting zoo while Gabby and I went to enjoy ourselves at a bar for another drink. I just love Gabby. God sure has blessed me with her friendship. Then last night we got to celebrate Debbie for Mother's Day and Billie Marie for her 3rd birthday at Billy and Kristen's new house. It was a lot of fun. 
And then today, Gabby had a Mother's Day Brunch with some close friends and our kids and boy did we play hard! I had such a great Mother's Day! 

My new hair. I am loving the blonde for summer!

Stockyards in Fort Worth

What a blessed friendship the four of us share. I love Gabby and Miguel so very much. Brody and I are so very lucky to have found such good wholesome Godly people. 

Another picture of my hair. You can see more of the red in this pic. 

Grammy and her grandbabies. How lucky I am to have a mother in law like her! 
Maddyn, Colton, Kent, Brody, Grammy, Jace and Billie Marie

And then there were two! BFF's