Friday, May 19, 2017

Five on Friday

What exciting news I have for you all! Tomorrow (Saturday, May 20th) is one of the founders (Halie), of Emerald Sky's, 30th birthday and in honor of that, they are having a one day sale. But not just any sale. A 30% off anything and everything sale! There won't be another sale like this till Black Friday so you are going to want to participate. Especially if there are items you have been dying to get for this summer but procrastinated. you go! Use the code HLH30 at checkout. 

two. Fave4
I know I have raved on their products before but this time it's their hat. They brought out 2 new hats for summer and I couldn't be more excited. I chose white because I love the purple 4 and I don't have any white hats. But...I am this close to buying the black one too so I have options. They are only $18 and super super cute on! It has a 4 on the front and FAVE4 on the back. Even Bobby told me he might be stealing it sometimes.

three. Instagram if you are an Instagram junkie like me and love Instastory like me, you might have noticed a few days ago they came out with faces for you to use on Instastory. I have been obsessed with it. And yes...I know Snapchat has a whole bunch but I don't Snapchat so whatev. 

four. Pink Ladies/Mean Girls
Ever since I started at Swink, I wear pink on Wednesday's. If you know where that is from, we can be really good friends. If you are staring at this, scratching your brain...the idea came from the movie Mean Girls....they only wore pink on Wednesday's. I just love the idea (wearing pink, not being a mean girl) so it stuck. I have finally started getting my Sweat girls involved. This Wednesday we had the biggest pink turnout for it. I love my Swink Sweat girls! 

five. Haircut
Someone got a haircut yesterday and he is too cute for words. Ralph (Bobby's barber) is incredible with him. Brody was amazing as well and never cried or fused. He just let Ralph do his thing. He did end up playing with Ralph's water bottle and that saved us the last 8 minutes or so. He was obsessed with spraying it and wasn't even thinking about his hair. I seriously have the cutest kiddo!

Next week I will be out of town. I will be blogging Monday but won't the rest of the week. I will be in Punta Cana, relaxing and get my drink on. I hope everyone has a great weekend!