Monday, May 1, 2017

Update on Allergies

So 2 weeks ago I blogged about having the worst allergies and how I was going to try a new medicine. Well I did and here are the results. 

Xyzal did nothing for me. It wasn't strong enough. I had a hard time with it still so I did some real research to find something else. What I came across was everyone said to use nose spray. Nose spray is the quickest way to get rid of allergies. But I suffer from nose bleeds (have my whole life) and nose sprays can cause me to have one. So that was out. So I kept researching and everything kept coming back to Allegra and Zyrtec. How those were the top 2 in getting rid of allergies, in a pill form. The only difference was Zyrtec can cause a slight more drowsiness effect than Allegra so if you are a morning allergy pill taker, Allegra was more suited for you. I take allergy medicine at night so that wasn't an issue. I read that more people have better results with Zyrtec so I went with it. 

I will tell you that in 12 hours of taking it, I was 90% allergy free. I woke up such a different person. It ROCKS! It comes in different forms but I use the Liquid Gels. I am 100% on board with Zyrtec. It will become part of my daily use. 
I am so glad I did the research. I am also glad I tried something else so I could see the difference. Finding what works for you can be hard, trust me, but I am a full supporter of Zyrtec now.