Friday, May 5, 2017

Five on Friday

one. Lion
Monday we went to the Dallas Zoo and when we got to the Lion, he was on performance. The lady had just released the cheetahs right across of his den and it took everything in him to not get to them. At one point, getting on his hind legs and looking for them. He was absolutely beautiful and I never once felt scared of him. Brody LOVED him. That is him and Miguel staring at him. 

two. Eyebrows
I am all about the brows lately. I love a good, thick, solid brow. Younique released their Moodstruck Brow Obsession Palette and my eyebrows have never been the same. Comes in blonde, brunette and black to match your hair color. 

three. Pirate
Starbucks has the cutest pirate cake pops and Brody just had to have one. He loved it! 

Deodorant is something we all need. But we seriously think the least about it in our everyday function. We just apply it and go. Well, a lot of deodorants are AWFUL for you. One word as to why: Chemicals. I am normally not like that about things except deodorant. I was using Honest deodorant spray but the amount of time it last on me wasn't very long. And for workouts...forget it. Well I have found a new one I love so very much. Schmidt's. The scents it comes in as well is incredible. I found mine at Target. I don't smell even after working out and it's all natural so no harsh chemicals. Win Win

five. Giraffe
Another Dallas Zoo pic comes in the form of Brody feeding a giraffe. That kid could have stood there and done it all day!!! He is such an animal lover and I love that about him.