Friday, May 12, 2017

Five on Friday- Mother's Day Edition

Today is a special Five on Friday. Today is dedicated to my mom and the top 5 reason's why I love her!

one. Mom
Because she is the reason I am alive. Because she is the one who gave me life. Because she is the one who has wiped my tears and hugged me through the bad. And congratulated me on the good. She was always by my side growing up, never once letting me down as a mom. She is what I strive each and everyday on how to be a mom. Being her daughter is the best. 

two. Mimi
She is the best grandmother in the world. She loves her grand-babies more than anyone else. She takes great pride in being their Mimi. She would give them anything and everything if she could. When she is with them, they are happy. As much as I love being her daughter, I kinda wanna be her grand-baby too! 

three. Kind
Talk about never judging people. She loves everyone for who they are. She doesn't care about skin color, or sexual preference or anything we today's world try so hard to be mean to. She wants the world to be able to love each other as God made them. I get this from her. I am the exact way. She made sure Kara and I understood how we were all made equal in the eyes of God and that is the only thing that matters.

four. Spirit
My mom has this spirit about her. She has this way of walking into a room and it's like she knows everyone. What I mean by that is she never meets a stranger. You automatically become friends with her. She can relate on many levels and she's not afraid to show her true self. And I believe that has something to do with her spirit. Her presence just brings a light to a room. 

five. Voice
My mom's voice is the best. No, I am not taking about singing voice. Her talking voice. Whenever I have a bad day or just need to hear something sweet, I call her. If you have ever met my mother, you would understand. It's child like. It brings a smile to your face. I would give out her cell phone number just so you could call her on your bad days. She would talk your ear off but you would leave the phone call in such a happy place.

I also asked my sister what her 5 top reasons why she loved my mother and those were: 
*She loves that she loves everybody
*She has never heard a harsh word about anyone 
*She doesn't see color or gender as an issue
*She love that she sings fun song to her kids
*She loves that they have inside jokes and laugh when no one knows why they are laughing

I also asked my dad his reasons:
*For 38 years she has been his rock
*Her loving heart
*Puts others before herself
*How she can laugh at herself
*Loves being with her family

And to top it off: I had my sister asked Landry and Hayden why they love Mimi: 
Landry- I think of Mimi when I look up at the sky & because she takes me to the dollar tree
Hayden- she buys me toys

Happy Mother's Day Mom. You deserve all the happiness in the world. I love you so very much and if you ever forget why, just come back to this blog and reread it!