Friday, April 29, 2016

30 in 30: 12: Adopt a Zoo Animal

I learned along time ago that you could adopt animals from the zoo. And it always stuck with me. As a huge animal lover, I always thought it was such a nice way to give back. So when I was making my 30 in 30 list, this one was an automatic one for me. So in October I looked up both Fort Worth Zoo and Dallas Zoo to see which program I liked better. I went with Fort Worth. 

So here we are: 30 in 30: number 12: Adopt a Zoo Animal

When deciding which animal I wanted to adopt, I went to my sister and sister in laws for help. I sent a text with my top 8 animals I was considering and ask them to ask the kiddos which one they thought I should adopt. All of them sent back different answers! So I was back to square one. I picked the package that would send me a stuffed animal of the animal I chose and I knew I wanted it to go into Brody's room, for him to have. He already had an elephant, frog, and a giraffe at the time so I decided against them. I also didn't want to pick anything to girly for his room. So the flamingos were out!  

I grew up in Irving. And I was an Irving Toy Tiger for Irving High School. My mind kept going back to tigers. So I decided on a white tiger. They are beautiful and manly and there is something so peaceful about them. So I filled out the form, paid my money and waited for them to send me my adopted zoo animal. It is so cute how it comes. The box has holes around the sides so your "animal" can breathe. It came with a certificate of adoption, the zoo animal, 2 tickets to the zoo, a picture of your zoo animal and fun facts about your animal. 

At the checkout page, you can dedicate your adoption to someone or for something and I thought what better way then to dedicate to all the children in my life. So I added everyone's name and thought I was done. I got an email the following day saying she was going to try to get everyone's name on the certificate but she wasn't sure they would all fit. Luckily she was able to because it really meant a great deal to me that they were on there. 

So because they sent me free tickets to the zoo, I knew I wanted to wait till Brody was old enough to actually enjoy it. So last Friday we loaded up and went. I made my way to the white tiger and did my best to take a picture of him. Besides the penguins, he was the most popular animal there. Just so beautiful. 

I have yet to name the stuffed animal. Brody sleeps with him in his bed every night so I should figure out what to call him. 
You can help me with that!!! What do you think I should name him? Tell me your suggestions on names and I will pick the one I love the most. 

If you are interested in adopting your own zoo animal (it makes for a great birthday gift for a child or in honor of someone), please visit to learn more about the programs and packages you can choose from.