Monday, May 2, 2016

The Oasis

Angie sent a text out saying that her, Matt and the kiddos were going to go to The Oasis for lunch Saturday, if we wanted to go. Bobby had a guy's overnight to Shreveport so I knew I would need to get out of the house with Brody for a little bit so I told her to count us in. Kristen, Kent and Billie Marie came too as well as Jeni and her 2 kids and Robin and her baby. We had so much fun. The kids fed the ducks and catfish tons of bread and then we had lunch and drinks. My kid did great! He loves eating outside, so much to look at. 

The big kids were standing and being all cool so my little one had to as well. He just stood there watching them and looking at the ducks and acting all big. 

Angie was able to get a picture of all of their faces. So cute!

 Time for lunch! Happy boy

I was so mad that I didn't get a group photo of us girls and the kids. It was just too hectic with everyone. All the kids were never in the same spot all at once. But lunch was great, my kid was great and we couldn't wait to get back home and see daddy! 

Mommy and Daddy had quite the adventure planned Saturday and Saturday night. Read more about this week!