Wednesday, May 25, 2016

New pool

Two weekends ago, we decided to go buy Brody a play pool. But I didn't want one of those small plastic ones because I knew Dash would get in it and get it all muddy. Plus Brody would be able to crawl out and I didn't want that. I love the one we got. It's large enough for all 3 of us to get in, I can put as much water in it as I want, I can drain it easily and add fresh water. Brody doesn't need a lot of water to play in. I got it at Target and the brand is Intex

The first time I put him in it, he wasn't a fan. The water was too cold. So he sat in my lap for awhile till he got adjusted. Once he realized it was just fine, he was up and down and crawling back and forth. We took some of his bath toys for him to play with but I need to find some pool toys for him. The second day we put him in it, the water was from the day before so it was much warmer. He played for about an hour. Then slept for 2 and half hours! 

My sister had this cute little speedo from Hayden that she gave me. I also bought another one from The Honest Company but I haven't gotten it in yet. Can't wait! No need in wasting swim diapers in my backyard. If he pees, we just drain the water. He has yet to poop but if he does, it will be an easy clean too. 

I love seeing them play together. Brody fell in the water multiple times but pulled himself up and kept on playing. He doesn't mind water in his face and loves splashing. Plus we never make a big deal about him face planting. I can't wait to put him in a big pool to see what he does. Summer is soooo close!