Thursday, May 26, 2016


Dear Diary,

Younique has brought out the best thing! 

The Sculpting Trio for contouring. 

Don't know what contouring is? I knew what it was but I didn't know how to do it. So I first googled it and then YouTubed it and it looked super hard and so time consuming. Contouring is something that helps define your features, creating the appearance of higher cheek bones and slimmer nose and chin. 

Here I am in full makeup with the contouring using Younique's sculpting trio. 

Thank God Younique has this now. It is so easy and it tells you exactly what to do and wear to put it. It doesn't take very long either and the more you do it, the easier it gets. 

You put your foundation on first because you want your skin to be an all over even color. Youniques liquid foundation is the bees knees. Lord, I don't know what I would do without it. Then after you have apply it, you then apply the contouring. After I follow the instructions, I blend it in with my blending buds and then add a touch of powder to set it. Apply your 3D fiber lash mascara and you're set for the day. 

The Contouring comes in light, medium and dark. I went with light for me since my foundation colors fall in that color scheme. 

Here I am before any makeup

Here I am with just foundation

Here I am with foundation and contouring

Here I am with foundation, contouring, powder, 3D fiber lash, Moodstruck Precision Brow Liner (in medium) and Lip Bon Bon (in Chocolate Truffle).

Full on in a better light. I already have high cheekbones, but this helps magnify them. It also helps make my rounded nose seem longer and slimmer. 
Please note that I did not instagram filter any of these. They are the original photos. 

For the remaining time in May, you can get a free contouring brush as part of the kudos! Makes it even easier to apply. 

Here is a side by side comparison. 

Here is a list of everything I used and what color:
Liquid Foundation- Velour ($39)
Contouring- Light ($49)
Pressed powder- Taffeta ($32)
Precision brow liner- Medium ($19)
Pencil eyeliner- Perfect ($15)
3D mascara- only comes in one color ($29)
Lip Bon Bon- Chocolate Truffle ($22)

You might be saying....that's expensive and yes, as a one time purchase it can be. But the foundation, contouring, powder, eye shadow and bon bon will last you for a really long time, especially if you don't wear makeup everyday. And even if you do, it will still last a long time. Younique's makeup is made to be worn all day. It is made for you to only have to use a little. There are sets and collections if you want to purchase a bunch of things and those are always at a smaller price since you are bundling. 

No makeup vs full on makeup. 
My face looks smoother, my color looks all the same and the contouring helped do that.  

Please let me know if you have any questions! 
Also note that when you see a product and it is in the bigger font, you can click on that and it will take you directly to that product for you to look at! Your Welcome :-)

Love, Me