Thursday, May 12, 2016

and this one makes 4

Dear Diary, 

So yes. I got my first tattoo. Missed that blog post? You can read about it {here}

But what I did mention and told you I would blog about later was my husbands tattoo. After Brody was born, he kept saying he wanted to get a tattoo for him. He kept talking about it for months. When it was in the works that I too would be getting one, he finally narrowed it down. I think I drew the tattoo on his body a few dozen times to see if he liked it. What we started with and what he eventually got are completely different. But this is why you think about it, you draw it out, you look at it, you ponder it, you come back to it. 

I couldn't be more thrilled or more in love with it. 
He got Brody's initials: B D L (Brody Daniel Lewis) (which so happens BDL is also Bobby Dani Lewis), one arrow which signifies defense and protection from harm and then Brody's birthday in roman numerals 8 4 15. 

This makes Bobby's fourth tattoo and by far my favorite. I just stare at it. It means so much to the both of us. It's clean, it's beautifully done, it represents my baby and protecting him from harm. 

Love, Me

BTW: Bobby got this at Elm Street Tattoo and the artist was Jason