Tuesday, May 3, 2016

39 weeks

How old? 39 weeks

Likes? Raisins and chocolate ice cream

Hates? Being put down and then you walk away from him. He just screams at you to come back. 

Milestones this week? Walking with a walker. Bobby showed him a few times and off he went. He picks up on things so quick, this kid is going to be walking soon. I can just feel it.

Sleeping? So good. 2 naps and through the night. He has a tired cry that we both know. He is starting to give us clues as to when he is tired so it makes it easier on us to put him down.

Eating? Like a beast. Just anything and everything I give him. And when he is done eating, he either puckers his lips or starts screaming and banging his tray. We are working on the sign language version of "all done" but he just stares at me like I'm crazy.