Tuesday, May 31, 2016

43 weeks

How old? 43 weeks

Likes? Grapes

Hates? Riding in the car to silence. We did a lot of driving over the holiday weekend and I noticed when the car was silent, he fussed awful. Didn't like the fact that he thought he was alone. But I noticed when Bobby and I would talk, he would be quiet and just relax and listen. 

Milestones this week? Standing all by himself. He will fully just stand there now. No holding on, no swaying. 

Sleeping? We have slept better this week. I think he has hit a growth spurt and that is the cause of his sleepy time. That or his teeth have slowed some so he isn't in pain. 

Eating? We tried grapes for the first time and he loved them. Wouldn't stop eating them. I love that he is such a good eater.