Tuesday, May 10, 2016

40 weeks

How old? 40 weeks

Likes? Any kind of berry you give him 

Hates? Being put down

Milestones this week? Saying Momma. He's been saying mmmmmmmm for awhile now but Saturday night, he actually said Momma. And he's been saying it ever since. I love it. Made for the best Mother's Day gift. He also got another tooth in. 

Sleeping? Naps have been hit or miss. I think it had to do with his teeth. 

Eating? We tried Powdered Donuts for the first time and he loved them (I mean who doesn't). His doctor also cleared him to try eggs and beans. He wasn't the biggest fan of eggs but we will keep trying. I haven't tried beans yet. That will be later this week. Since you have to add one thing at a time, for 5 days.