Friday, May 13, 2016

30 in 30: 14: Stay at the Omni Dallas

I have stayed in Dallas before. I lived in Dallas when I first got married. But after The Omni got built, I always said I wanted to stay there but I could never find a good enough reason. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in Downtown and I love looking at it at night, all lit up. It wasn't until we decided that we were going to go get tattoos did I find a good reason to stay there. 

So here we are: 30 in 30: number 14: Stay at the Omni Dallas

I told Bobby that we needed a small get away. Take a night for just ourselves somewhere. I could get my parents to keep Brody so we could get away for the night. At first I think he thought, why? We live close enough to home, why would we get away for the night in Dallas? But after we started planning our tattoos, the more I think he understood why we would need to stay the night out there. So I booked The Omni for us, he booked dinner at one of our favorite spots called Smoke. We got our tattoos first and then went and check into The Omni. This place is so pretty! The staff was so nice, she even asked us what floor we wanted and what view. So we got the 21st floor overlooking Downtown. 

So we got dressed and headed to dinner. Smoke was so yummy. Brisket, Mac n Cheese, German potatoes, Bread and Butter pickles and a yummy blueberry vodka drink. Then for dessert, a banana marshmallow heaven in a cup! 

Then after dinner we decided to go out for some drinks. By the time we got back to the hotel room, it was close to 1am. The Omni was lit up in pink and purple. Bobby said he requested that they did pink for the evening for me. I know he was lying but I went with it! 

Isn't downtown beautiful. I just stood and looked at it for what felt like forever! 

We both crashed into bed and slept till 9am! It was such a wonderful time. The Omni is extremely clean, extremely nice, has restaurants and bars and even has a 10pm quiet time. Which means after 10pm, you must be quiet in the hallway on the room floors. It made for sleeping wonderful. I would recommend staying there to anyone. Oh and the best part, in the bathroom, they have a TV in the mirror so when you are getting ready, you can watch your favorite show. Of course ours was on Sports since the draft just happened. I might have told Bobby at least ten times how cool this would look in our bathroom.....I'm sure he heard me right?

Panoramic view from our hotel room