Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

What a weekend we had! Busy Busy Busy. I felt like we were in the car all weekend. Baby boy didn't get naps like he should but he was a champ! 

Sunday we celebrated Memorial Day at my parents house. The water was freezing but the kiddos didn't mind. Brody loved the water, despite it's freezing temperatures. Kids are so resilient to the cold. They played for hours, then we came inside because it started raining. We had a nice dinner and then we left. Someone was very tired and needed to go bed......and yes to all 3 of us for that statement! 

Sunday was a very sad day for us. My sister and brother in law's dog, Angel, passed. It is a long story and makes me super sad so I won't go into it. But they had to take her to an emergency vet place and have her put down. So the mood went from good to sad to rejoicing her new wings in heaven. 
I love you Angel. Enjoy your new wings and playing in the biggest swimming pool with your best friend Maddy. 

Then on Monday, we went fishing with the Lewis side of the family. It was difficult with a baby but we made it work. Kent caught 34 fish that day. It was raining fish with him. Colton caught a really big fish and few smaller ones. Super proud of them both. I caught nothing....once again! 

My favorite photo over the weekend belongs to me and my little. I NEVER get a picture with him and when I do, it's a selfie. So I gave the phone to Bobby and he got his attention and I just stood there smiling. He handed me the phone back and said...I think I might have gotten one. Well sure enough, he did!