Tuesday, June 7, 2016

44 weeks

How old? 44 weeks

Likes? Being able to ride in the shopping cart going forwards

Hates? Being put down after he has been held. He loves being held, he loves being up and being able to see. As soon as we put him on the floor, he starts crying. I have to sit down on the floor with him for a few seconds before I can get up and leave. 

Milestones this week? Climbing up and down stairs. I don't let him do it by himself, I am always standing there but he needs to learn. And since he is such a quick learner, he has mastered a few different ways of getting down them. 

Sleeping? The past couple of mornings, he has been waking at 7am! His teeth are really bothering him so I know that's it. 

Eating? He didn't try anything new this week. But he is really loving string cheese. He will eat a whole one in about 2 minutes. I cut it up, put it on his tray, go wash my hands and by the time I make it back, half of it is gone!