Thursday, June 23, 2016

2 years

Dear Diary,

Today my blog hits 2 years old. I started this blog June 23, 2014 and I never imagined all the places it would take me.

2 years y'all!

1) As of today (11am) I have had 62,831 views
2) My most viewed blog post was labeled "How did I...?" with 1,017 views.
3) My favorite blog post was either my pregnancy announcement or the story of Brody's birth.
4) I have laughed, cried, been mad, apologized, ranted, been right on most occasion and told you if I was wrong (I dare you to go searching).
5) I have had so many people reach out to me telling me how much they enjoy my blog.
6) Today's blog is number 464 
7) My 30 in 30 blog posts have caused a lot of talk between myself and others. 

When I took this blog on, I never imaged how good it would be for me. It is my out. It is my way of getting all the things built up or bottled up, out. It's where I vent. Where I brag. Where I talk to God sometimes. Where I tell my side of the story on things. 

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the times you have come to read or reached out. It truly means everything to me. When you walk up to me and say "Hey, you're Hold The Gluten Please, aren't you?" you have no idea how big my heart grows knowing that. 

Love, Me

P.S. I have something so awesome for my 500th blog post this August so make sure you stay tuned for more details in the next month about it! You're gonna love it!