Monday, June 6, 2016

10 months old

How old? 10 months and 2 days 

Weight? 24.8 pounds (97 percentile)

Length? 30 inches (90 percentile)

Likes? Eating fruit of any kind, cottage cheese, Oreos, being read to, playing with his football, Bullet and Dash, dogs of any kind, laughing, being sung to, his hats, his polar bear

Dislikes? Being in the car to long. He is fine for a short time, but starts crying if he thinks he is by himself. When Bobby and I are both in the car, he does better since we can talk. But when it's just me by myself, it gets quiet sometimes and he freaks. I can't wait till I can turn him around and he can see out. He also hates riding backwards. Whenever we are at the store, he does everything he can to turn around. He was finally big enough to ride in the Target shopping cart that faces forward and he was amazing! Never complained, talked to everyone he passed, made friends with some people. 

Eating? Lord, what does he not eat! haha. This month we have tried eggs, beans, cottage cheese, Doritos, grapes, watermelon, powered donuts. His favorite thing to eat is avocado and berries. 

Sleeping? This month has been either extremely sleeping till 10:30am, then taking a 2 and half hour nap all in the same day, or has been very bad...waking at 6am and taking a 45 minute nap. It all has to do with his teeth and if he was productive during the day. 

Awake? When he is awake, he is go go go! Never stops. 

Milestones? More teeth, we are up to 6 now and have 4 more making their way. Saying Momma! Standing on his own without any help. Using a fork. Using the sippy cup on his own. Climbing up stairs and then back down. We have a small section of them leading to our bedroom and outside and he plays on them all day. So I taught him how to go up and down, so he will know and won't get hurt. 

Anything new? Nothing new to our lives this month. 

How's Mom and Dad? Excellent! In love! In love with our child! Fabulous! 

How's Dash and Bullet? They are good. Bullet and Brody have a wonderful relationship and Dash will join in every so often. But all in all, I am so lucky to have the dogs I have. They are so patient with him and let him love all over them. 

Photo dump...
The adventures of Brody and Bullet are in full swing! Don't forget to follow them on Instagram. 

These 2! My whole world. 

 His face is my favorite! 

Lovin on Momma! He is the sweetest, most loving baby I've ever known! And he isn't afraid to show it. 

Lord help me! I mean, do I have the most handsome men or do I have the most handsome men? 

Brody has this new face he makes. He sticks out his bottom lip and it makes me laugh everytime. He is such a ham and he loves getting a laugh.

Favorite photo this month?
I have 5! 
I love the way Brody looks at me sometimes. Like I'm everything to him. Like there is no one else in the world. And this photo captures it. 


I tell Brody all the time that it is ok to be the cool kid on the block, but he also needs to be the nice kid on the block. Momma won't stand for bullying or being mean.  

Thanks to my Swink Sweat class and my awesome coaches at Swink, I am almost beach body ready. Have just a little bit to go but feeling amazing!

I posted this photo last week and The Children's Place reached out to me and wants to use this photo for their Pinterest account! How cool is that?!