Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer TV

Dear Diary, 

With May over with and all the Fall/Spring shows done for for now, I have been trying to find some TV to watch this summer. Summer is usually my time to catch up on old shows or find new ones on NetFlix. 
Here is my summer watch list! 

May 22
Preacher- A texas preacher who is both angel and demon.....Count me in! 9pm, AMC

May 25
Wayward Pines- A town you can't escape because of monsters on the other side of the wall....hello nightmares! 8pm, FOX

May 30
So You Think You Can Dance- It's all about the kiddos this time as Maddie Ziegler as a judge. I even have Bobby wanting to watch this. 7pm, FOX

May 31
America's Got Talent- Hello Simon Cowell. How I have missed you so! 7pm, NBC
Maya & Marty- A comedy hour featuring special guest who make me laugh....yes please! 9pm, NBC

June 1
American Ninja Warrior- Come on got it this year girl! 7pm, NBC
Masterchef- Lord knows I love me some Gordon Ramsay! 7pm, FOX
The Night Shift- Sexy doctors who save lives and then go to happy hour at 6am....what college do I have to go to do get with that?! 9pm, NBC

June 12
The Ride with Norman Reedus- So you're telling me I can watch Daryl from TWD on the off-season too.....hell yeah! 8pm, AMC

June 17
Orange Is The New Black- Prison never looked so good. Netflix

June 22
American Gothic- You had me at serial killer. 9pm, CBS

And the one I plan on binge watching because EVERYONE raves on it and won't stop talking about it......GAME OF THRONES.......yes my friends, I am hoping on the GOT bandwagon. I am starting at season 1 and going to try to get as far as I can. I have been warned about The Red Wedding, falling madly in love with Jon Snow, having a massive girl crush on Daenerys Targaryen and having my mind blown every episode. And just when I don't think it can get much more, it does! 

Love, Me