Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thank you

Dear Diary,

I have been feeling like I have been talking with God more lately. I do my best not to complain to him but some days it's hard. I find that all I do is complain. And I forget to thank him for the things I do have. So today, today I would like to take the time to Thank Him. 


Thank you for everything. Thank you for my health, thank you for my sanity, thank you for the ability to get up out of bed each day and go to bed each night. Thank you for allowing me to see the world as it is. For helping me to remember to be kind and be gracious. It's not easy to do but with your help, I somehow make it through the day. 

Thank you for the best husband on the planet for me. Thank you for his patience and his overabundance of love for me. Thank you for giving him the ability to make me laugh just when I need it the most. Thank you for making him an amazing dad to Brody. A lot of men out there think it's on the mom to take care of the children but not him. He provides the best way he knows how and helps keep me grounded. He's the best partner in crime for me. 

Thank you for Brody Daniel Lewis. A lot of people out there try for a baby and you have blessed me with the most perfect child for me. He is funny, loving, stubborn, sweet, quick learner and just full of life. Thank you for his health and that he wakes up each morning bright eyed, ready to eat. Thank you thank you thank you for him. Growing up I didn't want to have children, but now I can never imagine my life without him. 

Thank you for my family. My family is my rock, the Clemens side and the Lewis side. They are my foundation on where I came from. The lessons, the teaching, the discipline, learning right from wrong, learning about you. It all stems from them, especially my parents. They did their best in teaching me your ways. Dad always reminding me of your love and Mom always teaching me of your kindness. 

Thank you for the Church. Especially First Irving. First Irving is where I learned about you. It was my home church for 18 years and when I go back to visit it, it's like coming home. I love stepping foot in your sanctuary. Everything just seems to fall into place when I am closest to you.  

Thank you for reminding me of the small things in this world. A cup of coffee waiting for me in the morning, a door being held open by a stranger, someone letting me over in traffic, a text during the day from my best friends, a random hug, my son saying Momma and looking up at me. It's these small things I hold on to. It's these small things that give me that extra push. 

Thank you God for it all. I don't always tell you that or tell you how much I love you and through my actions some days, don't show you but I never feel like you give up on me. You're always just around the corner when I need you. Always that small voice in the back of my mind reminding me how special I am, how loved I am. 

Thank you God and how I love you so! 

Love, Me