Tuesday, April 19, 2016

37 weeks

How old? 37 weeks

Likes? Fresh Raspberries. Would eat the whole container if I let him. He also loves cooked red bell peppers. Devours them. 

Hates? When he wants to be picked up and we won't do it. I almost always give in eventually but the whining has starting to get bad. I try to make him stop whining and then pick him up but it's a work in progress. 

Milestones this week? Clapping. We are in the full swing of clapping. We clap for anything and everything. He likes what he is eating, he claps. He is in full happy mode, he claps. He has two objects in his hands, he claps them together. Clap clap clap. 

Sleeping? We have figured it out y'all. He loves his bed finally. He loves to sleep finally. He is super easy to put down now. He takes his bottle and goes straight into his bed. Most of the time he just rolls over and he is out. Sometimes he will roll around a little bit, make himself comfy and then he is out. It only took him 36/37 weeks but he's gotten it! 

Eating? Everything. There is almost nothing this kid won't eat. Which is fantastic except that he always wants to eat my food. Even if he has already had his dinner and he sees us sitting down to eat, he crawls over, pulls himself up and screams at us to give him a bite. We just laugh because he can't stand to see someone eat and he not eat.