Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Christmas Story- Scene 6

Dear Diary,

So here we are. My final day for Christmas. Not only did I have the flu that week, but I was so tired from going going going all day, every day that by the time Saturday rolled around, all I wanted to do was sleep. But nope, we had to get in a car and drive to Clyde to see my moms side of the family for Christmas. I love my moms side of the family. My mom's side is very funny. There isn't much of us but I swear we need our own reality show. Especially my Paw-Paw. My Paw-Paw is a different breed. When you meet him, you know what I mean. He's hard to describe but the older he gets, the less he cares about and the funnier he becomes. He gave us the bird this Christmas because he saw a picture of himself from a long time ago giving it to the camera man and thought it would be funny to reenact it. He repeats himself, is loud and when he gets a laugh, he tells the joke over and over again. He's kind of like a 5 year old in a way. But I love him and wouldn't change him for anything. Who needs Keeping up with the Kardashians when you can have Keeping up with the Lewis', Smith's, Clemens', Clower's and Copeland's!
I didn't take many photos at all. I was covered in Paw-Paw's presents and laughing to hard to take. It was what I needed. I had been so blah all week, I needed a really good laugh. When you add Paw-Paw, Karen, Janet and Kara in the group, get ready to laugh!

It's a lot of Hayden, I know. He likes his picture taken and I mean, look at that face. I have no idea where Landry was, prolly with Pop (my dad) somewhere. Then we got back in the car, and I slept the whole way home.
I really wish I had felt better. My picture taking this holiday season was awful. I get made fun of for how many photos I normally take, but do they complain when they see what I got. No! So this year I didn't take much and look at the results. Oh well.....there's always next Christmas.
Love, Me