Friday, December 12, 2014

What's that smell?

I don't know about you, but bobby and I always have a candle burning when we are home. And I only buy from one place, Bath and Body Works. Their 3 wick candles are my favorite candles. I love when they have their 2 for $22. I load up. Since we always burn them, we go through them pretty fast. But I have the best news. Today only, in stores, all 3 wick candles are only $8! OMG....I am going there on my lunch break and loading us up. $8! $8! These are my favorite scents this year.

Butterscotch Toffee- this is what we have going at
my house right now. The first time I lit it, Bobby
walked in the house asking me what I was
baking. I told him it was candle and he has loved
 it ever since. A salty-sweet twist of caramelized
sugar, rich butterscotch & a dash of sea salt.
Fresh Sparking Snow- I haven't bought this one thi
year but I did buy it last year. This has more of berry
smell to it. Sugarberries, holiday pear & icy melon
is the description it says. I remember more of a
cranberry/pear smell but that could have been
last year.

Leaves- I buy this one every year. It is one of my
favorite scents for the season. Golden nectar, ripe
apples & spiced berries. Almost like a cinnamon
apple smell that has been mixed with honey.
Marshmallow Fireplace- it's marshmallows
and fireplace.2 of my favorite things. How could
I not like this smell. Marshmallows, vanilla
cream and wood. A sweet, savory smell that fills
my house.

Pumpkin Gingerbread- Bobby loves Gingerbread. So
whenever I finds something with that flavor or smell,
I tend to get it for him. This smells like Gingerbread,
golden vanilla & fresh creamy pumpkin.

Pumpkin Sugared Doughnut- I haven't had a donut in
almost 6 years. I stopped eating them before I turn 
gluten free and now because I am GF, I really can't eat
them. But I can sure smell them. Baked pumpkin
donut with sugar & spice. (if you know of any
GF donut shops, please let me know. I think
 it's time I had one again!)  
Merry Cookie- Vanilla, butter & sugar. What
more do you need in a candle? It smalls like you
are baking sugar cookies from scratch!
Reminds me of home.

Sweater Weather- This was new this season
and I took a chance on it. I am so glad I did. In
my top 5 favorite smells I have ever bought
in a candle. Eucalyptus, juniper berry &
sage. It's like fall meets winter. So you could
use this candle from September to February
if you wanted.

Winter- And now on to my favorite smell EVER! I look
forward to when I can put this scent out. (and now they
make it in the hand pump foam soap, so yes, I have that
too). Pine needles, winter citrus & white woods. I can't
describe why I love it so much. I just smell it and I
am instantly ok. We are almost through the butterscotch
one so this will be put out next week!
and if you aren't sure of a scent to get someone, go with one these 9. I promise they will make a lasting impression.
Have a wonderful weekend!