Thursday, December 18, 2014

If you can't find me at a party, try the dip table!

OMG guys....Christmas is in a week! A week can you believe it. You work so hard to get to that day for it to just fly by. One of my favorite things about going to celebrate Christmas is the food. But I sometimes have a hard time eating at other peoples houses due to my gluten allergy. Luckily I have the most amazing family who always makes sure I have something to eat, especially my mom and Angie. Both of them go out of the way to make sure I can eat when I am invited over. And they are both amazing cooks so I am always so glad when they say they made me something gluten free, because I know its going to be good!
One of my favorite things I look forward too, and not just at Christmas, but any time I go to a party is dips. I love dips. There is something about a dip and chip that satisfies me to no end. I could just eat dip and chips and be 100% good. But it is Christmas time, so I went to Pinterest and found the most amazing Gluten-Free dips that would go good this holiday season. I copied their photo and put the link below each one so you can go to their website and get the recipe. I have not made any of these but I plan on it.
Spinach and Artichoke Dip- 
The combination between these 2 plus parmesan cheese just makes my mouth happy. A lot of them have onions so I tend to opt out of that option for myself when I make it. (or when my mom makes it, I beg her to leave them out!)  
Buffalo Chicken Dip-
I love buffalo sauce. One of my favorite flavors. I am extremely picky on chicken so I loved how she shredded it, instead of cubed it.
Loaded Baked Potato Dip-
Potatoes, bacon and cheese- I mean do I really need to say more. And then she pairs it with Ruffles. Done and Done!
Bacon Cheeseburger Dip-
I think I have an obsession with cheese and bacon. I can't help it. But being gluten free, hamburgers are out unless I have a gluten free bun. So this takes the cake for me when it comes to a burger.
Corn and Bacon Dip-
I use to hate corn. But Bobby has turned me back on it and now I love it. I don't like cream corn, that makes me want to puke. But good ole fashion corn off the cob, is the best. And then you mix it with bacon and cheese and yummy!
Butterfinger Fruit Dip-
Ok...go ahead and kill me now. Butterfinger is my favorite candy. You want to put a smile on my face, hand me a Butterfinger. But the fact she mixes it with cool whip and few other ingredients, just blows me away. I can't wait to make this.  
Creamy Roasted Corn Avocado Dip-
This is nothing like Guacamole. It's completely different. And thats what I love about it. From what I can tell, it has a smoky flavor to it. I want this so bad right now!
Homemade Salsa-
I have told you before how much I love Kim Rosenberger and her recipes. This is her homemade salsa. I need to convince her to have Eric bring me some to work where I WON'T share it! #sorrynotsorry
Don't those all look amazing!
But my very 2 favorite dips are 1) my sister's Queso. I am not allowed to share the recipe but if you ever get a chance to have it, be prepared. It is always the first thing to go and is always requested (usually by me) for her to make. Anyone who tries it loves it. Even her husband who doesn't like cheese devours it. And 2) my dad's guacamole. I can't even begin to tell you how he makes it, all I know is the end result is to die for. I always tell him he needs to bottle it and sell it. When I have big parties, I beg him to make me a huge batch and I never have left overs (boo-hoo)!  
And now I am hungry!
Kara- Queso!
Dad- Guacamole!
Thanks :)