Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I've known him longer than half my life

So the post I had planned on yesterday got swiped because of my day in bed. So I am doing it today instead.
Sunday was my brother in law Tim's birthday. I don't talk about Tim much and not because I don't love him dearly but because Tim is the kind of man that stays in the background. He's extremely smart and very funny. He doesn't speak much but when he does, its either smart sounding or funny or both. He loves making fun of you and can take it right back. He can handle my sister's 0-60 attitude and knows how to take her from upset to happy in a second. I have known Tim for over 15 years now. Kara and Tim started dating in high school, it was a little rough, but they made it through. As much as my sister loves traditions, I think Tim loves them more. He is a family man. He can't stand to not be included in the things we do. He takes really good care of my sister and Landry and Hayden. He works his butt off at his job, clocking in over 50 hours a week easily. I don't hear Tim complain much at all. He's made me cry, he's made me laugh, he's been the brother I never got. He truly is like my big brother, even down to the annoying me and making fun of me. I love Tim so much. I wouldn't have Landry or Hayden without him. He truly is a wonderful man and I couldn't see my life without him.


Happy Birthday Tim. Thank you for always looking out for me. Thank you for being the most wonderful husband to my sister and a great dad to Landry and Hayden. You bring the laughter in our family and you bring the smarts too. You stay in the background at times but I admire that. Because when you do speak, everyone listens. You have a calming nature about you (which is good for Kara). You have been my big brother for over 15 years now. You work super hard and are such a Godly man. I thank God he gave you to the Clemens' family, Lord only knows how much fun we are :)
I love you Tim!