Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Christmas Story- Scene 1

Dear Diary,

My Christmas came and went like that! **snap**
And now I am finally looking back on all the photos I took. Here is how my Christmas week started.
It all started with us Lewis' going to Prairie Lights. If you have never been to Prairie Lights, you must go. It is gorgeous. I recommend getting there 30-40 minutes before it opens, other wise you will wait in over a 2 hour line to get in. You drive around in your car and look at all these lights. This was my first year going and it was so wonderful. Half way through, you get out and the kids can enjoy a small fair like atmosphere. My pictures don't do justice. It is hard to get a good picture in the dark while driving. Billy was really sweet to stop for Kristen and I to get a picture when he could. But it still doesn't show the amount of how cool this place really is. And the kids can ride anywhere in the car they want. Because you drive like 2 miles an hour. It is just a lot of fun.

And then you get back in your car and at the very end, you go through this tunnel of lights. It was so magical. So amazing. Next year we said we are going to rent a limo and do this. Can't wait!

Stay tuned to tomorrow for My Christmas Story- Scene 2
Love, Me