Monday, December 29, 2014

He cooks, he cleans, he makes money, he is handsome and he's MINE!

So today is a very special day. Today, 28 years ago, God blessed Bill and Debbie Lewis with a bouncing baby boy. Today is my sweet husbands birthday. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this man. How much this man is everything to me. He is my rock, my light, my strength, my love, makes me so mad but smiles at me and I forget. He takes care of me, he loves me for me, he never tries to change who I am. He forgives me when I am wrong (which isn't often), he takes each flaw I have and embraces it. He loves my curves and always reminds me how beautiful I am, even on days I have snot running down my face and coughing up a lung. When God brought Bobby into this world 28 years ago, I swear he told him that someday he was going to meet a girl and completely change her world. Make her want to be better, make her want to try to do things, be someone. Bobby is kind, sweet, loving, has a huge heart, has bad road rage and eats constantly. No, I'm serious. He eats constantly. Like every hour he is eating something. Bobby is incredibly good looking. And I am not just saying that cause he's my husband and I love him. He is like Hollywood beautiful. Like the kind of beautiful you find in movies or magazines. Which is probably why he is a model. Bobby is a very hard worker. He works his butt off at his day time job. He is the #1 salesman on his team, only being on the job 20 months. He is 300% over the goal they set for him. He walks into clinics and everyone just loves him. With great reason to love him. He's fair, he does his best to keep everyone happy, he can always find a compromise and works for his clients. He is making a name for himself, just by being himself. Bobby is an amazing cook and can pretty much whip up anything on the spot. Which is good, because I hate to cook!
When I say God has blessed me by giving me Robert Samuel Lewis, I really truly mean it. There is no one else I would want as a husband or a best friend. He loves me, works his butt off to support our small family and constantly shows me his love.

I couldn't even begin to describe to you the amount of love I have for you. You have helped shape me into the women I am today. You always remind me how much you love me and never let anything happen to me. You take care of me, support me and love me unconditionally. You were my high school sweetheart, my fiancĂ© and now you are my husband (and a dad to Bullet and Dash). What a remarkable man you are and I love you so very much. Happy Birthday baby!