Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Girl's can't play football....or so I was told...!

I realized I have forgotten to update you on something. My Fantasy Football league. You are never going to believe this...but I am still in the race. I am in 2nd place with an 8-5 (win-lose) record. But I have the highest points accumulative with 1386 for the total of 13 games. That means I am going into the finals. And that also means I get a Bye this week for being in 2nd place. So I automatically go into the 2nd round of play-offs. I am so excited. My team has changed a lot since I first started. Let me tell you who I have going into the play-offs.
Don't be jealous!

Drew Brees- QB
Justin Forsett- RB
C.J. Anderson- RB
Antonio Brown- WR
Alshon Jeffrey- WR
Travis Kelce- TE
Mark Ingram- RB
Rams- Defense
Stephen Gostkowski- Kicker
Giovani Bernard- RB
Jordan Cameron- TE
Sammy Watkins- WR
DeAndre Hopkins- WR
Mike Evans- WR
Odell Beckham Jr.- WR
   Packers- Defense

I couldn't be any happier with my team. Each week I struggle on who to put in over who. They are all so good. The reason I keep Jordan Cameron is because I don't want anyone else to get him. He has been out for 5 games but with 4 games left, I think he may come back. And if doesn't, oh well. I have Kelce who has done ok for me, for being a newbie that no one knew! When Giovani got hurt, I was so upset. He was my big points getter! But I refuse to give him up. He will make a come back! Anderson is P.Manning's first choice running back who actually runs the ball. He gets the ball and takes it down the field. He usually doesn't score, but its ok. Because he runs the ball and yards count for points. And yes, I do have Beckham! Lucky me. Rams defense got 29 points last week with 3 interceptions, 2 fumble recoveries and 1 touchdown! Drew averages 20 points a game, and for a quarterback, that's really good. No, he's no P.Manning when it comes to fantasy but it's ok. He's consistent and I can always rely on him in the 2nd half of the game! And my most awesome kicker. He is the #1 kicker for fantasy and I have had him since day 1! Bobby tried to have me get rid of him when it was his bye week but I refused to take him off the bench. We swapped someone in and benched Stephen and when that week was over....put him right back where he belonged.

I do have to give a HUGE shout-out to my husband. He has been amazing at teaching me every week and what to look for and who is playing who and why that wouldn't be a great starter or why they need to be started. He's been just so perfect in all of this. And when we do put someone in who has a bad game, I usually yell at him and throw a fit and storm off and get all pissy. It's all for the love of the game right?!
Thanks boo for understanding my passion and not yelling back at me. You usually just laugh it off or say sorry or tell me it's no big deal, I will still win! 
And win I just might. I might end up taking all these boys down!  :) :) :) :)