Friday, February 5, 2016

6 months old

How old? 6 months and 1 day (I can't believe my baby is having his 1/2 birthday!)

Weight? 20..13 pounds (89 percentile)

Length? 27..75 inches (92 percentile)

Likes? Mickey Mouse Club, his walker, his puppies, kisses, hugs, laughing, being held, being cuddled, his picture taken

Dislikes? Being alone, going into a room full of people in someone else's arms other than mine, zucchini, when you don't feed him fast enough, when he has been in one spot to long 

Eating? He really has taken a liking to so many foods. This month alone we have tried broccoli, green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini, mashed potatoes, puffs, rice, Goldfish, icing, protein shake. He has mastered the sippy cup as well. I give him water when he eats his lunch and dinner. I want him to know the importance of water and that's what we get at eating time. Not milk or juice. 

Sleeping? He slept through the night once! I felt like a whole new women the next day. He still likes to sleep on me which is a bad habit but one I love. And with the teething, it just makes it easier. Almost every morning Brody ends up in bed with us. It's always after 7am and he sleeps so good, we all do actually. I usually have my hand on his face or on his stomach or sometimes he will hold onto my fingers. We have a great night time routine for him, one he follows beautifully and this month I am going to start adding in a small book at night, before his bath. 

Awake? All the time! haha jk. But seriously, this kid is with me 24/7 except for when I am at work or he's asleep in his bed. But look at that face......I just can't get enough! 

Milestones? We officially have a tooth and working on the second one. I am already so tired of drool. It gets all over him, all over me. Brody is about 95% the way of sitting up for a long period of time by himself. Each day he gets better and better. He usually doesn't fall backwards, he usually falls forward or to the side but these past couple of days I noticed I can put him on his floor with some toys and come back a few minutes later and he is still sitting there. 

Anything new? It's been a quiet month for us. Which is nice since the holidays were so hectic. 

How's mom and dad? We are doing good. Date nights don't exist anymore/yet but we've learned that it is important to take time for one another and even though we don't get to go on dates, we try our best to make it work at home. Like we still eat take out on Friday nights with some wine. We just do it in our PJ's with a baby in a walker, talking around us. We find time after he goes down at night to just sit with each other and talk. Bobby works so hard during the day for work, that sometimes he just needs a quiet moment to let it all out. I cherish these moments with him since our life is ran by a monster!

How Dash and Bullet? They are great. Dash is Brody's snuggle buddy for sure and both dogs love to lick Brody, especially in the mouth. I hate it. Dash got in a fight with a skunk this month and it took Bobby close to 2 hours to get him bathed and smelling ok. Sometimes I will smell the stink on him and Dash's breathe has not been the same so I really try hard to stop Dash from licking Brody. 

Extra photos?
One of my favorites of my men. Gotta teach em young about the discipline of hard work and determination and who best to teach my son than the love of my life. 

 Purllamb is one of my favorite spots to shop for Brody. They make the best hoodie outfits for kids. SERIOUSLY. Them, Emerald Sky and June and January are my addictions for baby clothes for him. And their spring lines are about to get released. I have been saving up! 

My sweet momma and her boy! My mom officially started this past month keeping him at my house and they have been having the best time. He's a handful so I know he wears her out by Tuesday afternoon but I am starting to see a sweet bond between them. He loves giving her hugs and snuggling up on her. My mom is the best at that!  

This kid! Ugh. All he is missing is a something with the Mavericks and Stars and he would be set for covering all the Dallas teams. I love him in hats, they just don't make snap backs for kids his age. Which they should so they can grow with them. And if you by chance know where I can get him a snap back with the Cowboys or some sort of sports team on it, please let me know! 

You will usually find him with either his hands or his foot in his mouth. Everything goes to the mouth! 

Favorite photo this month? I have 2. This first one just sums up my kid. Smile on his face, shiny blue eyes and close to momma's heart. The second one was my attempt to take a family photo. Didn't work out so well but I love it more because of it.