Tuesday, February 23, 2016

29 weeks

How old? 29 weeks

Likes? Mangoes and rice

Hates? Crawling somewhere and realizing he is gone too far and is alone.

Milestones this week? Crawling into my lap, if I am on the ground with him, he will scoot himself over to me and crawl into my lap. He has also started this fake cry crap I can't stand. He knows it gets him attention and he knows I hate it. He just does it all the time to get what he wants. He is such a brat sometimes! 

Sleeping? We have finally mastered the afternoon nap. He takes about a 2 hour afternoon nap in his bed now. Morning naps are still in the bouncy seat, car seat, stroller or baby Bjorn and they are small naps. Like 30-40 minutes. He still wakes up at night once for a bottle. I know I need to stop doing it but he just downs the 6oz and goes right back to sleep. And the kid poops so much, he poops in the middle of night and needs to be changed. He will get to an age and will stop I know so for now I am enjoying my quiet moments with him. 

Eating? Boy does he eat. We started soy yogurt this week and he loves it. Since he drinks soy formula, I knew he would need soy yogurt. I mix a little fruit into and he gobbles it up. But this kid will eat almost anything I give him. He tried peaches, lime rice, carrot and potato french fries, bread, pulled pork and cauliflower.