Monday, February 1, 2016

Grease is the word

Did y'all watch Grease Live last night?

I sure did and I just want to say how awesome it was. I thought everyone did an amazing job and how each character was like the original characters. Julianne Hough as Sandy was the best casting EVER and I was a little hesitant on Aaron Tveit as Danny but he really held his own. Like he made Danny his own character without taking anything away from John Travolta. The music was great, the dancing was even better. And mad props to Vanessa Hudgens who lost her dad the night before to cancer for getting out there and killing it. Lord was she an amazing Rizzo. 

Best moments of Grease Live:
*Vanessa's remake of There Are Worst Things I Could Do was simply breathtaking. She laid her whole heart out there and gave such a performance. 
*Born To Hand Jive Baby....that whole scene was so much fun to watch and it took everything I had to not get off my couch and do the hand jive with them.
*It was all done nothing was pre taped except for the bowing at the end of all the people in front of Rydell High. I read that each person had 2 minutes to get changed and to the next set before they were on again. 
*The choreography
*The singing ability of everyone was just great. No one seemed to hit a bad note or did I feel like I wanted more from someone 
*The fact that they used a mix diversity of people and not just white people. I have to say....I kind of like it better with the mixture of colors. 

Worst moments of Grease Live:
*Audio problems- Durning the hand jive, my TV volume went out and I thought it was my TV so I rewound Grease to see if that helped and it did it again at the same part so my mom and I just sat there and about 15 seconds later the volume came back on. Come to find out, it wasn't my TV. It was the actual production. Guess that's what happens when you are live! 
*So don't hate me but Mario Lopez.....just wasn't feeling it. Could have found a better casting in my opinion. 
*The car race....even though it was a very clever way of having a car race, it looked super fake. And I understand how hard it would have been live to do that but....I don't know. 
*Freddy My Love by Keke as Marty and the random song by Carly as Frenchie called All I Need Is An Angel. My mom and I fast forward because A) don't even know the song Carly sang and come to find out it was an all new song they added in and B) Freddy My Love is barely played in the original Grease and I didn't even remember it being in the original. Had to look it up. 
*Jesse J.....enough said

Worth mentioning:
These 2 ladies below. I laughed every time they were on the screen together. They really captured the principal and her crazy assistant. 

Overall it was just a really great performance and I would seriously sit down and watch it again. Grease is one of my all time favorite movies so this had some pretty big shoes to fill. All I have been doing today is singing Grease songs.