Friday, June 27, 2014


I love cereal. I love everything about cereal. When I became gluten-free, a huge reality hit me that I won't be able to enjoy all the cereals I love! So after I picked myself off of the floor, I stood in the grocery cereal isle and looked up and down to figure out what I could still eat! These cereal's I am about to tell you about our my favorite to keep stocked at my house.

General Mill's Chex cereal is by far my favorite cereal to eat on my gluten-free diet. I love all the flavors, I love how it is super crunchy and over half of the flavors are sweet. I like a sweet cereal over a plain cereal. And Chex has that. It comes in 8 different flavors. 3 original flavors: Rice Chex, Corn Chex, Wheat Chex and 5 fun flavors: Vanilla Chex, Honey Nut Chex, Chocolate Chex, Cinnamon Chex and Apple Cinnamon Chex! I have to warn you though, Wheat Chex is the only flavor that is NOT gluten-free. So I don't ever buy it and I wanted to make sure everyone knew. I just didn't want to hurt it's feelings and leave it out!
My favorite of all these flavors is the Vanilla Chex. I love how it taste and I love how it makes my milk so sweet. It kind of has a marshmallowee taste and if you know anything about me, I love marshmallows. I always have it at the house. My husband and I eat it for a late night snack. Chex is honestly not that bad for you and if you have any kind of sweet tooth, this is much better than grabbing cookies and candy.
Kellogg's has a gluten free cereal called Rice Krispies! Now I must say, they make a regular Rice Krispie and a gluten free version. Rice Krispies is a gluten-free cereal on it's own, but the regular is made in the same factory as all the other cereals so it has the possibility of cross-contamination. As for their gluten-free version, it is made in a factory by itself. Rice Krispy treats is one of my favorite desserts...once again it is mixed with Marshmallows. (Can you see a pattern...I love marshmallows).
Post brand makes a very yummy, childhood cereal that I still love to this day...Fruity Pebbles! OMG...I love this cereal. When I found out they were gluten-free, I was like a kid in a candy store for the first time. I went home and poured the biggest bowl I could find and went to town. I love everything about Fruity Pebbles. I even love making Fruity Pebble treats. Instead of Rice Krispies, you use Fruity Pebbles. It's so sweet and so fruity and so wonderful! Any flavor they make including Cocoa is gluten-free as well. They put out a couple new flavors during the year to keep it fun and new. All of the ones I have seen have been gluten-free.
2 of my favorite gluten free brands, Udi's and Glutino also make a gluten free cereal. They are harder to find. You usually have to find them in a speciality store like Whole Foods or Central Market. I just didn't want to leave them out because they are really good!
And what is a bowl of cereal without it's main liquid, Milk! I love everything about milk. It taste so good. There is something about a glass of milk that to me is calming. I like to drink 1/2 percent milk. If you have never heard of it, Kroger brand sells it. It's not 1% and it's not Skim. It's right in the middle. So it has a little body to it but the fat and calorie's are much lower.
Hope you enjoyed my cereal post!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
It's my birthday weekend! So I am going to have a wonderful time!