Tuesday, August 25, 2015

3 weeks old

How old? 3 weeks 

Likes? Being cuddled, his play mat, music, being talked to

Hates? Baths, being cold

Milestones this week? His head control is amazing. He can turn his head to the sound of your voice. At his doctors appointment, he was up to 8.9 lbs and 20.50 inches. He is still long and lean but has chubby cheeks that I love.

Sleeping?  This week hasn't been the best for sleeping. He has been awake more which is great but because he gets so hungry, he wakes himself up after he has fallen asleep finally. 

Eating? He eats 3oz every 2 hours. In the middle of the night, we try for every 3 hours so we all get some sleep but it's give or take on that.