Thursday, August 27, 2015

Emergency c-section

Dear Diary,

It's been a few weeks that I have written to you and I figured it was time. I have been asked a whole bunch about why Brody was considered an emergency c-section and I thought it would be a great time to answer these questions, so everyone will know what a blessing this baby is to me and how I thank God every day for keeping him safe. 

I explained my "have a baby" post {here} but I failed to mention why they had to take him so suddenly. 

So my body went from having no contractions, to having them every 30 seconds to a minute. Where normally, women get to that point gradually and are dilating the whole time so the process is much easier on the body and the baby. But because I was going so quick and wasn't dilating, it was causing my body to go in shock and it was causing him to stress out. When a baby gets stressed in the womb, it can cause them to poop and if you know anything, it is really bad if they poop inside of you. And my water still had not broken so my doctor comes in and explains to me what is going on. She wants to break my water to see if he had pooped and if he had, we would need to take him. And if he hadn't, then we can continue the process we were on. Well baby boy had pooped and because he was still in distress, she told me that she thought it would be best if we went ahead and took him. 

I could see the look in her I am giving you the option but I am telling you what to do. Little did she know the tragedy that she saved him and I from and maybe she did know and didn't want to scare us. Once I was in the room and she had cut me open, she said that my placenta (the sack that Brody is in that keeps him safe and protected) was rupturing. Because of what was going on, it was failing. Brody was literally to big for my placenta and he was literally pushing his way out, which caused his partial collapsed lung. 

All making sense now? 

This is why I never looked bigger than 31 weeks. Which was great weight wise but very dangerous for carrying a baby. I will now be considered high risk when I hit 32 weeks due to the size of my placenta and the fact that I could possibly have another big baby. Which means I will have to get a sonogram each week starting at 32 weeks to monitor the baby and everything else. 

I can't even begin to thank my God for giving me my doctor and listening to me when I told her I hadn't really felt him move since Sunday. And being honest with me and taking care of us when we needed her the most. She will forever be in my prayers and will forever be my little hero that day. Because to think I would have never had the chance to hold him or him be much worst off than he was...I just can't think that way. Because he is here and he's perfect for Bobby and I.

Love, Me