Friday, July 31, 2015

39 weeks

This will probably be the last photo with my boys. I am sending them to my mom's since I will be 40 weeks on Tuesday and since we don't know when he will come, it just makes sense to go ahead and get them taken care of. What a joy it's been taking these weekly photos with them. And they did so good for their last one! I love my babies!

How far along? 39 weeks and 3 days 

Total weight gain? 32 pounds. I have put on the weight this last week. The water weight has set in everywhere and with the heat, it's not helping. My doctor is happy with my weight gain and says I am perfectly healthy so it's whatever. 

Pregnancy clothes? Dresses. All the time. And when I am home, comfy shorts and a tank top. At night, I have resorted to underwear and a tank cause I sweat all night long due to hormones. 

Sleeping? Not very good. Not only do I sweat all night long, I pee all night long and I just can't get comfy. My stomach is rock hard and all baby so getting him in a position where he isn't on my ribs or on my bladder or digging in my side is hard. I slept on the couch last night because it was the only place I could get comfy for some reason. 

Best moment this week? We got his room about 90% done! All I need are drapes and few other small things and it's ready. But those things I am not as worried about. B and I had to put together his changing table and luckily I know what I am doing. So I did all the hard work about what piece goes into where and he did the lifting and assembling. It ended up working out great for us. Even with my bum ankle. 

Worst moment this week? Being uncomfortable all the time. When I'm sitting or standing or laying. It's hard to get comfy. And not only because of him but because of my ankle. It just won't heal and it won't heal till he's born because he is taking everything from me. I told Bobby that this is the first time this whole pregnancy that I feel extremely heavy and extremely uncomfortable. I have had a wonderful pregnancy this whole time but starting since I fell, it has hit me really hard. Bad headaches, stomach aches, allergies, not sleeping, gaining weight, bloating like a balloon. Just all of it together, all at once, is a pain. 

Do I miss anything? Running. Walking normal. Getting comfortable. 

Cravings? Oysters on the half shell and French white wine. It's all I have been thinking about and can't wait to go to nice dinner and this is what I order. Bring them raw, with crackers and cocktail sauce and make the French wine crisp, clean and extra cold! Oh and sweets still. I made gluten free Funfetti cupcakes yesterday and have been limiting myself because I will eat them all. (and I wonder why I am gaining extra weight....) 

Aversions? Nothing really. When I do eat, I don't eat a lot at a time. I get full extra fast so I have to watch what I put on my plate. 

Pregnancy symptoms? Lack of sleep. Bloating. Headaches. Nauseous. I feel like I have reverted back to the 1st trimester but my doctor tells me it's perfectly normal. Just to watch my blood pressure and rest as much as possible. Even if it's not very comfy, to just take this time to rest. 

Belly button? In

Stretch marks? None

Can I see my feet? I can see my toes so it still counts. 

Looking forward to? As much as I have loved this experience, I am ready to have him. To meet him. He has cooked the perfect amount so I am good if he would like to come any time now. There is a lot of people who want to meet him and if he is anything like his daddy, he will make a grand entrance and if he is anything like me, it will be a grand entrance on HIS time.