Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lewis Vacation part 1

I took a lot pictures over vacation and after I went through them, I realized that the main subject of almost all my pictures was Mrs. Billie Marie. That girl is drawn to my camera or it may be that my camera is drawn to her. She's just so pretty and goofy and has a personality all her own. I did get some of the boys playing but because of my limited movement this year, I just didn't get as many photos as I had wanted because I couldn't move fast enough to keep up with them but the ones I did get, I love. So I have broken the photos up over the next 2 days as to not overwhelm you.

The night we got there, we couldn't resist going down to the beach and playing. Billie loved the sand but did not like water. So it was nice cause she could wander around a little bit and we didn't have to worry about her going towards the water. She had her little sand barrier set up and was just so happy. 

The following day was July 4th and our good friends Luke, Abby and Dixie Davenport and John and Mary Skinner decided to come down for the day. So we got to see them and hang out and because we were on the beach, we were able to shoot off our own fireworks that night. Which was so neat. I had never been so close to fireworks before. They were literally going off over my head and everyone on the beach seemed to have them. 

 It's all fun and games till someone gets dirty sand in the face! 

 I love Dixie so much. She is so sweet and adorable and so well behaved. And is the best eater I have ever seen. She has the bluest of eyes that are like daggers. I miss my sweet friend Abby so much so it was so good to catch up with her. We were so busy that I didn't get a photo with her :( 

Time for the fireworks and poppers. When I tell you we had over $500 worth of poppers and fireworks, we had over $500 worth. I didn't ask Bobby or Billy how much they spent all together because I'm afraid I don't want to know. But it doesn't matter because it seriously was the best firework show I have been to (minus the Disney World firework show because that is just magical). 

That's it for today. I will continue our Lewis vacation tomorrow with more fun beach pictures.