Monday, July 13, 2015

36 weeks

I swear Bullet is happy. He just has extremely bad allergies right now so his eyes make him look mad. 

How far along? 36 weeks and 6 days

Total weight gain? 25 pounds. Both him and I took a jump in weight this past week. I knew it was going to happen so it doesn't bother me. As long as he is gaining, I don't care. 

Pregnancy clothes? I got the cutest swimsuits in for vacation and will totally wear them after baby as well. I have never worn a one piece before but these were just so perfect for me. Love them. 

Sleeping? Hit or miss. I didn't sleep very well on vacation at all. I think cause I am so use to a certain way I sleep, on a certain side of the bed, on a certain kind of mattress, with a certain kind of pillow and a certain kind of blanket so I was all off. 

Best moment this week? Hanging out with the Lewis family in Galveston. Was finally able to get my tan on and read and it was just great. I ate so much on this trip {hence the weight gain :-/ } but oh well. It's vacation! We got his bed finally so we put that together and it looks better than I could have imagined. I have been able to feel him move more and more this week and I can tell he's awake more durning the day now. A foot to the rib on a daily basis, a butt sticking out to the side of my tummy, I felt a knee last night (at least I think it was a knee so that's what I am telling myself). 

Worst moment this week? My feet swelling to the size of balloons on vacation. My doctor warned me before I left that as soon as I hit the salt water air, to not be surprised if things start to swell. And boy was she right. Within an hour of me on the beach on Saturday, my feet were the size of balloons and didn't go back down till the following morning after I got back home. 

Do I miss anything? Running. Being able to get in and out of something quick. I feel so slow now when I go anywhere and I hate that. Not having to pee every hour. That is really annoying, especially when I am with a group of people and I know they are all waiting on me cause of my bladder. 

Cravings? Cereal. Peanut butter. Milk. Doritos. 

Aversions? After this week, seafood. I am good on seafood for a while. I'm not a big seafood fan anyways, besides sushi, so usually after a week in Galveston, I am good to go for a while. 

Pregnancy symptoms? Swollen feet (which have gone back to about 95% of being normal, which is great) and the waddling has officially started. I noticed it the other day. I tried to walk normal but I can't. He is too big for me to do anything normal. 

Belly button? Still in. I think it's gonna hold on being in. 

Stretch marks? None

Can I see my feet? Yes 

Looking forward to? Getting the rest of his room done. We got the bed and it is up and ready, just need everything else! Lord we have so much to buy still and we are both so busy so finding the time to sit down and pick something out together is just hard. I go to the doctor Thursday (I start my weekly visits now) so I can't wait for her to tell me exactly how big he actually is and if everything is going good. I was so worried on vacation that I was going to have him there but now that I am home, the worry is gone and can enjoy these next few weeks.