Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Life Lately

Dear Diary,

Life lately has been super crazy. Like over drive crazy. Up until June 30th, we had not purchased a bed for our MM. And I knew the one I wanted, it was just a matter of ordering it. Well I finally did and while we were away in Galveston, it came in. Bobby and I put it together the Friday we got back and OMG I am so in love with it. It couldn't be more perfect for his room. We got it at Babies R Us and it is the brand Baby Cache. I just love the color and the boldness it has. Now, if we can just get everything else for the room, we would be set. 

I told y'all I had been in search for the most perfect bathing suit for my pregnant self and I seemed to have accomplished that. And not only did I find one, I found two. And one was even on sale for $10! I had blogged about wanting the Jessica Simpson one from Motherhood Maternity but when I went to order it about a month ago, they didn't have it and I was devastated. So I put my ordering on hold to see if I could find something else. When I went back a week later to see if they had added any new ones, they had restocked the Jessica Simpson one in my size! Plus had another one I had been eyeing on sale for $10, in my size! I couldn't get my debit card out fast enough. 
This is the Jessica Simpson one I love so much. It is so retro, so old school. And it fits really well. Isn't my husband the most handsome man ever? Ugh makes me wonder how did I get so lucky getting this to love and look at! 
This is the other one from Motherhood Maternity. It is really cute on and really comfy and holds everything in place. Will make a great non-maternity swimsuit to for when I am playing with MM in the pool or swim lessons. 
BTW: Isn't Angie the cutest? Here she is at 20 weeks and me at 36 weeks. 

I spent a week in Galveston with the Lewis family. I will blog those pictures tomorrow and Thursday but I want to talk a little bit about being pregnant and going to the beach. Or should I say, being that far along and going to the beach. 
I keep getting asked this: 
Would I recommend it? 
Here's why......
The salt water that is flowing in the air will make everything on you swell and make you so uncomfortable. Walking on the sand will make your legs, calf's and feet (which already hurt) hurt worse. You can't drink enough water to replenish what you sweat out and what the salt takes away. Angie was 20 weeks, and she seemed good. But anything past 30 weeks, I would recommend opting out, especially for a whole week. Doesn't mean I didn't have fun, but I am already so tired and the beach just made it worst for me. Plus going in the water that far along with the current just isn't safe. I, for one, do not go in the water, I only go knee deep, so I can't say if actually going where you are swimming will make you feel better. I would think it would just make you more tired. To each it's own I say, I am just speaking from experience. 
Would I have opted out spending time with my Lewis family?
Would I have liked to been warned about things that could happen so I could prepare myself even more? 

Here are some things I would recommend if you do go to the beach pregnant: 
*Drink lots of water all day long. Never stop drinking water. It will help with the swelling, it will help with the Braxton Hicks, it will help with the heat and it will help with the aches you get in your legs and feet. 
*Don't stay out in the sun for to long, you will feel stiff and your skin will feel overly hot. One day I stayed out in the sun to long, sitting in my chair and when I tried to get up, I couldn't very well. Everything had gone still and my body was so hot. It took a while for my skin to cool off. Pregnant women are already hotter as is, but you add Texas and the sun to that, and you are cooking yourself and your baby. 
*Take a nap everyday. The sun already wears you down, don't avoid taking a good hour nap to replenish yourself. There was one day I didn't and I regretted it come 7pm. 
*While you are outside getting your tan on, keep your legs and feet elevated. I made the mistake of not doing that as much as I should and I think that's what made me ache more than normal. The salt is going to make you swell, so doing things to help avoid the worst, you should be doing.
*Eat fresh fruit, like strawberry's and watermelon, things that have a lot of water to them to help with the hunger and thirst. Pack string cheese and nuts for when you are really hungry but it isn't lunch time. I figured this stuff out about half way through the trip and it made a world of difference on me. 
*Luckily you are supposed to avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine so telling you to avoid it wouldn't make any sense! But seriously, do you know how hard it is when everyone around you has these awesome drinks and here you are stuck with water? BORING!
*On the drive down, take your time. When you have to pee, have the husband pull over and let you pee. Don't hold it in. That was the #1 advice my doctor told me before I left, is to not hold it in. To get out of the car about every 2 hours and walk around. Stretch. Pee. Get something to eat. Just move a little. Luckily Galveston is under a 6 hour car drive so stopping wasn't too bad for us. But holding in your bladder can put strain on your system and can hurt you. I was avoiding going into labor as much as possible on this trip so I was taking every precaution where I could.
*And don't forget to have some fun and take full advantage of people doing things for you, especially when you need it the most. I am really bad about letting people do things for me, because I hate feeling useless or being "that girl", but having someone carry down your chair for you or help you in and out of the car, or hold your hand or arm when walking, let them do it. Seriously, take the help. Concentrate on you and the perfect person you are creating. It will make your trip so much better! 

Love, Me