Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lewis Vacation part 2

So here we are for part two of the Lewis family vacation. I always have so much fun and even though I was 36 weeks pregnant, I did have a wonderful time. And it hit Bobby and I that this was the last year that it was just us 2 making this trip down there. That from now on out, when we go for the Lewis vacation or any family vacation, we will be a family of 3+ from now on. Life is changing and I couldn't be more excited. 

Let's get to the pictures! 

 Colton and Billie Marie are sand buddies. Everytime he would get down to play in the sand or build something, she would sit with him and play. And if he got up, she would get so upset that he left her. 

 The boys learned that it was more fun to throw the dirty sand on Pop instead of on each other. And he would just sit and take it like a good Pop is supposed to do. 

 Billy found a friend that he thought would be fun to bring back to our nice, critter free, area. And he named him too! Meet Maurice! He was very calm, was missing one of his front claws and stayed with us for a good few hours before sneaking away. Only reason I know this is because I kept my eyes on him, to avoid him coming at me or me stepping on him. 

Thank you to my Lewis family for another great vacation. I can't wait till next year with my MM and seeing him on the beach and playing with his cousins. I apologize in advance for all the photos to come a year from now. Haha :) :) :)