Wednesday, July 29, 2015


My heart broke last night as I turned on the 10pm news. The sweet baby giraffe named Kipenzi died yesterday. She was only 3 months old. I watched her live birth, literally sat at my computer for hours waiting and then watching her be born and then seeing her walk for the first time. It truly brakes my heart. I was almost in tears watching the story of what happened. So if you don't know, they were getting the giraffes in and like any child, she was just running around having fun and bam....ran straight into a perimeter and broke her neck in 3 places. The zoo people say she died instantly but still. UGH! Tears many tears. They let her mom Katie visit her before vet's took her away. 
So I have no idea if animals cry or feel heart pain like we humans do when we lose someone, but with MM almost here, I can't imagine what Katie must be thinking or feeling. Or does she even comprehend what happened. I know animals are smart, very smart but I just wish they could talk or scream or let out the pain they feel like we do. 

I always say God has a special place in heaven for animals and now Kipenzi can run as free as she would like. 

Here is what Dallas Zoo wrote on Facebook: 

"HEARTBROKEN: We are devastated to share the tragic loss of our beloved giraffe calf, Kipenzi. This evening as the giraffe herd was shifting inside for the night, Kipenzi began scampering around, as she loved to do. She made a sharp turn, and ran into the perimeter edge of the habitat. She broke three vertebra in her neck, and passed away immediately. Her mother, Katie, visited Kipenzi before veterinarians removed her.

Our hearts are broken. Please keep the entire Dallas Zoo family in your thoughts. While she was only here for a few months, Kipenzi was a beacon of light for her species and for the millions who watched her birth live on Animal Planet. Her stardom brought attention to the plight of wild giraffes in Africa, helped raise more than $35,000 for giraffe conservation and sparked conversations about her incredibly majestic species. Kipenzi will always remain in our hearts, and while tears are flowing freely here tonight, we are eternally grateful for the millions of smiles she gave us all.

Given the outpouring of love for Kipenzi since her birth, we encourage fans to post photos of Kipenzi or leave comments of support for staff on our Facebook and Instagram pages. For those interested in donating in Kipenzi’s memory, we recommend The Giraffe Conservation Foundation, our partner at the forefront of protecting giraffes in Africa. Visit to make a donation."