Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to eat Gluten-Free at the Texas State Fair

When I was first asked by my mom to go this year to the fair, my first reaction was "Mom, I wont be able to eat anything there. It's all covered in flour and deep fried. I don't think I will go but thank you for asking me". To where she responded "You can have cotton candy and kettle corn popcorn and a turkey leg". Oh Joy!!!!! 2000 calories later and you would be rolling me out! But I knew I wanted to go and I knew I could figure out a way to eat there. So what did I do, I went to the State of Texas website and looked up all the food I could. Unfortunately, the website only puts the newest things on it. So I went with my next idea, I googled it. I knew there had to be an answer somewhere out there for me. And I came across a couple of websites that had gluten free options for myself. So I thought I would share those options with you.

  • Smoked Turkey Legs (Located throughout the grounds but check before purchasing in case they use seasonings or glaze)
  • Sausage on a Stick (Sold by Newport Concessions- 10 locations throughout the grounds)
  • Roasted Corn (one on Main Midway - #M-27 and one in Gate Way area #C-3)
  • Jacks French Fries (4 locations in Cotton Bowl Plaza) (No cross contamination when cooking)
  • Tornado Taters (One location on Nimitz Dr. and one location on Fun Way St, on the Midway)
  • Pokey’Os Cookies & Cream (Gluten-Free Blue Bell Ice Cream - Several Flavors)
  • Ranchero Fajitas (Fruit Cup)
  • Lermas Gorditas (Fruit Cup) (Cotton Bowl Plaza)
  • Homestyle Foods (Fresh Squeezed Lemonade) (located at Front Gate and In the Food Court)
  • Family Fun Foods (Fresh Squeezed Lemonade) (Several locations throughout the grounds)
  • Katie’s CafĂ© (Fresh Squeezed Lemonade) (located on Fun Way St. on the Midway)
  • Cotton Candy (Jim B. Conatser) (9 locations throught the grounds)
  • Popcorn (Sold through different vendors)
  • Homemade Rootbeer (Two locations: One on Fun Way St. (Midway) & One on International Blvd.)
  • Cassie’s Frozen Yogurt: (On the Midway on Fun Way St.)
    • Chocolate Frozen Yogurt
    • Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
    • Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet
  • Kool-Aid Pickles (located at multiple locations)
  • Iced Tea Pickles
  • Shaved Ice
  • Texas Redneck Nachos (located on the Midway on Fun Way St. FW-9)
  • Pioneer Kettle Corn (located at N-1 stand)
  • Texas Steak Dinner on a Stick (ask for no bun. located in the Midway)

Stands inside the Coca Cola Food Court
  • Hast Texas Nachos (Nachos)
  • Pedro’s Tamales (Tamales are gluten-free)
  • It’s All Greek to Me (Greek Salads - check the dressing for content
  • A Taste of New Orleans (Red Beans & Rice, Dirty Rice)
  • Oak Farms Dairy (Milk & other beverages)
  • Twisted Tators

Ok, so there is the list. Of all the things on the list I got, these were them.
Kool-Aid Pickle-
They are located all over the park. I saw them in cherry, strawberry, watermelon and grape. Since they were located all over, I didn't take notice to where they were. But you can see them sitting out on the counters when you walk by. The sweet mixed with the sour was amazing. It actually cut out the sour but it wasn't too sweet. I got strawberry before I realized there were other flavors. My heart would have picked watermelon if I had known, but that was ok. It was still really good!!! I am actually thinking about making these at home. What they do is poke holes into the pickles, make a thing of Kool-Aid and let them marinate for a few days. I was thirsty after I ate it but it could have also been the walking around that I was doing. This was 6 coupons.

The next thing I got was nachos. Corn chips, cheese dip, salsa, tomatoes and jalapenos. You can find these simple nachos all over. The ones I got were located in front of Big Tex, next to the Old Mill Inn. This was 8 coupons.

Tim found this place in the Midway and they serve steak, BBQ, corn on the cob and chicken. Almost everything there I could have ate. Tim got Texas Steak Dinner on a Stick. It does come with a bun so either give it to someone or ask without. From what I can remember, it was located behind the Ferris wheel but south of the Texas Tower. It was 28 coupons.

Look at the dimple! I love my Tim

Ok, so the thing I went looking for was so hard to find. All I had was the location of FW-9 and I had no idea what that meant. So I asked the ladies that work there at the information desk and they were as helpful as they could be. She wasn't sure which one was actually 9, but FW stood for Fun Way which is in Midway. What I learned from walking, is that if you look up under the booth you are at, it has the location to it. So I found FW-38 and kept walking to make sure I was going down in number. Luckily Kara was helping me and ran ahead cause I am a slow poke and I heard her scream, "I found it!!!" The are located in Midway, on the west side of the Ferris Wheel. Closer to the Cotton Bowl and Midway entrance sign. If you can find the WindSurf ride, it is located directly in front of it. The Stiffler Brother's booth.
Texas Redneck Nachos.
Pork Rinds (which are gluten free), cheese dip, brisket chili, bacon and jalapenos. OMG! Everyone needs to get this. The sweet brisket chili mixed with the savory bacon and pork rinds and heat of the jalapenos with the creaminess of the cheese!!!!!!!! Holy Moly I want one right now. If you do have a major allergy to gluten, as in if you have celiac disease, you might want to ask if they put flour in the chili. I did ask the girl but she said she wasn't 100% sure and if they do, it's not a lot. So I risked it. Since I have a gluten allergy, I knew I would be ok and I was sharing with everyone so a few bites wouldn't hurt me. But like I said, please ask them and get it without if need be. It will still taste amazing! It was 14 coupons.

I also wanted to point another place out that was a great place to get a drink. Located behind Big Tex and in front of the turnaround at Texas Skyway is this cute outdoor bar called Fernie's Skyway Porch. Yes, the place is named after the Fernie of Funnel Cake fame. It's the perfect place to enjoy a cold adult beverage and a snack. In addition to beer, they serve Kik's Crafted Cocktails on Tap. These wine-infused adult beverages are tasty and refreshing. I ordered the Ruby Red Grapefruit and OMG! Was so refreshing and amazing and it wasn't too bitter or too sweet. They had 8 to choose from: Honey Brew, Swee'Tea-ni, Texas Tea, Cowboy Cola, Electric Lemonade, Melontini, Mint Mojito and Ruby Red. They are 10 coupons.
I hope this helps you with some things you can enjoy at the fair. I know it seems lame because of all the wonderful things they do bring out, most of them we gluten free people can't eat. But grab you some kettle corn and munch on that as you get your workout in. Or grab a 1500 calorie turkey leg and walk 8 miles. Or if you are feeling really bummed, just go sit at Fernie's and drink away your tickets! :) :) :)