Monday, October 6, 2014

All About That Pink Party!!

So we all know how much I love the color Pink. I love everything about it. It makes me happy all the time. I constantly surround myself with the color Pink, whether I am at work or at home. In my office full of men, none of them are ever surprised when they ask for a stapler or a pen or a sticky note and it's Pink! They all say "Of course it's Pink. I don't know why it would ever not be Pink. But before I sign this legal document Dani, this won't write in Pink correct?"
Ok, so with that said, October is my favorite month because everywhere you go, it's Pink. From the massive amount of Breast Cancer things to the shelves being stocked full of Pink to the NFL men wearing Pink on their uniforms, I just love it!!!!!

So I have decided to have an All About That Pink Party on my Younique website. We have gotten so many different wonderful items in that I couldn't wait to share. But this party is special....I will donate a portion of all sales to the Susan G. Koman for the Cure Foundation. And someone who makes a purchase in my party will also be in the running for a Loveable Lip-Gloss.
We have 2 new products that just came out October 1st that I want to share.
The first one is called Illuminate Clean and it is formulated for normal to dry skin, or for people with very sensitive skin. Containing superleaf extracts, Ginkgo biloba, and horse chestnut, Clean's more mild formula is still powerful enough to gently cleanse your sensitive skin.
The 2nd product is called Illuminate Clear and it is their popular first cleanser, Awake. It contains the same key ingredients, but they've refined the formula and brought the manufacturing to the US so they can produce it on a larger scale, and more easily maintain complete control over our proprietary formula.
I myself have sensitive skin so when I found out they were coming out with something lighter for my face and skin, I was so excited. Keeping my skin healthy is extremely important and I am so glad I have finally found a product I can feel safe using all the time. Younique is such a fabulous company and a fabulous product.

So head on over to my All About That Pink Party and make a purchase and know you are helping give to a great cause. Make sure you shop from this particular party to be in the drawing and to help give back. This party ends on the 16th at midnight. Good luck!
If you ever thought about joining Younique, I would love for you to join my team. It is $99 to sign up but what you get in your kit, pays for itself 3 times over. Right now they have what they call their 2nd Anniversary kit. This is what you get.
3D fiber lash, Lip-Gloss in Luxe, 3 precision eyeliner pencils, Uplift eye serum, Glorious primer, a white status charm, this Younique black presenter case, a PayQuicker bank account, your own website, presenter guide, $25 Y-cash on your birthday every year and start hosting parties instantly! For more information please head on over to
Oh and can I just say how excited I am that the Supreme Court doesn't want to hear any more cases on Gay Marriage in the states of Virginia, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin and Indiana! Congrats to those in those states who have waited to get married to the love of their lives and now can. No one should tell you you can or can't do something and who am I to say less love. This world needs more love so this is a great day for that. Want to read more about it, please go here: