Monday, October 27, 2014

Keep the outfit simple and the scarf fabulous!!

What is up with the weather? It was 90 degrees on Saturday. What happened to my fall weather? Bobby and I took the whole top off the jeep Saturday morning because we saw no rain in the forecast for at least 10 days but 90 degree weather.....come on fall! Where are you? In hopes of getting my fall weather back, I have found my new favorite scarfs and tights to wear this fall/winter season.
I love scarfs. They make the best accessory and add an extra layer of fun. They come in so many color and designs and fabrics. I am not a fan of thick scarfs that make me feel like I can't move my neck. I like my scarf to be more of an add on than a noose around my neck.
And I love fashion tights. They are incredibly sexy and make your legs look skinny. Plus, they help hold you in when you wear that dress or skirt.
Here are my favorite 6 scarfs and 2 tights and 1 awesome pair of socks to go with boots! Because who doesn't love that look?!
American Flag Print Scarf- Forever 21- $12.80
"And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free..." Who doesn't love an American scarf? It's so beautiful and can be worn all year long. This scarf is made to worn with rolled boyfriend jeans, a white t-shirt, hair in a ponytail with ankle boots.

Cashmere Scarf- H&M- $59.95- burgundy, black and beige 
Who doesn't love the feel of cashmere? But who hates paying that cashmere price? ME! I love that H&M has this cashmere scarf at this price. I know that seems high for a scarf (compared to all the others I mention) but I couldn't avoid telling you about it. So soft, so warm, can be dressed up or down. Just be careful when you wash it. Follow the instructions perfectly or you will be giving it to your sweet 5 year old niece because it will fit her small body perfectly!

Feather Print Scarf- Forever 21- $8.80
Gorgeous! When I saw this, I automatically thought of my sister Kara and how perfect this would look on her with her blonde hair. The leaves colors with the blues and oranges and pinks just screams beautiful to me. It looks soft and light and airy. Pair it with a simple outfit so this can be the focal point of your outfit!
Knit Tube Scarf- H&M- $9.95- gray, black, natural white and rusted red
So I know I said I don't like thick scarfs but I love the infinity scarfs they make. They are so simple to do and you never have to worry about if your scarf is even on both sides. You simply just place it over your head and your done. I love this scarf with a cute bun on your head, leather leggings, a long layered shirt, jean jacket and biker boots.

Zebra Print Scarf- Forever 21- $12.80
I love print. Black and white to me is the easiest colors for everyone. Not everyone looks good in pink. Not everyone looks good in blue. BUT everyone looks good in black and white. It is the universal colors that you cant go wrong with. I wear a lot of black. Like 1/3 of my wardrobe is black. But I like to have black because I love my accessories to pop. And with black and white, anyone can add any color to them and they look good. You can even add this scarf to a red top and it would still look good!  
Patterned Scarf- H&M- $6.95
See...I love print! And the fact that this scarf is only $7! Perfect accessory to any wardrobe. Just don't pair this scarf with stripes, it will not go together. Keep the outfit simple and the scarf fabulous!  
Lace Tights- H&M- $9.95
Lace tights are so hot. And they take any black dress and revamp it. Paired with a short bootie or lace up boot and you are ready to go!
Mini-Check Tights- H&M- $9.95
So if you aren't a fan of the extra lace tight, but want to venture out a little, go with this. It takes the tight to another level but without standing out too much. You can also add this under loose shorts for a whole other look.

Frill Knee High Sock- Cotton On- $9.95- smokey grey and black
I love these! I love the sock and boots look so much. But not only is this just a sock, but it has frill on the top!!!!! I use to be such a tomboy and hated lace and frill but now, I cant seem to get enough of it. I am making up for lost times growing up. You can add this sock over the print tights with a tall boot and either mini skirt and top or dress. And when I say mini skirt, I don't mean where when you walk we can see your lady parts. I mean like right between where the knee and thigh are. Keep it classy!
 Happy Monday everyone!
This Friday is Halloween and if you are like me, you love to dress up. And sometimes your costume requires you to change your hair color. And if you are like me, you hate that spray stuff you buy. It smells awful, it gets everywhere and its really sticky. But I have found a solution for you! Younique's pigments! You simply make a paste from them with water, paint them in your hair and set it with a hot iron. And it simply washes out when you wash your hair. But order today because Halloween is Friday! You can also paint your face with it. No having to add paint to your face that cause pimples and even can cake up on your face! The possibilities are endless!