Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

So bad news.........I know I told you I was going to tell you what Angie was having but that little stinker wouldn't cooperate so now this aunt has to wait ANOTHER 2 weeks to find out what he/she is!!!! UGH!
Doesn't it already know how excited I am for it to be here and to let this aunt know what it is so I can start shopping for it. This is my last niece or nephew and I will probably be in tears the day I leave the hospital. Being an aunt is one my greatest titles and one I don't take for granted! On my favorites list, it's in the top 5 for sure! Why, because I can spoil spoil spoil and then send home!
So on another note, it is Halloween and because I do love Halloween and the fact that I am NOT dressing up this year, I wanted to show you my Halloween costumes I have had over the years. I try to be a cleaver as can be (sometimes it worked, sometimes it was a fail) but I always made sure to have fun. I don't like being scared so I try to see the happy side of Halloween. The costumes, the games, the candy!!!!
 From what I remember, 2008 was the first year Bobby and I went to a Halloween party together. We went as Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo, cause at the time, they were dating! I bought a blonde wig and I wore UGGs if I'm not mistaken. And I borrowed my sister's pregnancy bra and stuffed them with socks :) hahaha

The next year, 2009, I went as a football player and he went as a 300 knight. We didn't think we were going to make it to that party because we had gone down to A&M to watch a football game but we got back just in time and this was all we could find to wear. 

2010, Bobby and I went as Snooki and Pauly D. He sprayed his hair jet black and put so much gel in it. It was gross. My mom had this old leopard print dress that was to the floor but since she didn't want it anymore, I took it and cut it short, stuffed my bra again, wore slippers, made a huge puff on my head, sprayed myself orange and away I went! I wish I could have found a better photo but this was before Instagram and before I was on Facebook. 

 2011 brought the movie Sucker Punch (still one of my favorite movies) so Kristen, Julie and I went as the sucker punch girls. I went as Baby Doll, Julie went as Sweet Pea and Kristen went as Blondie. I loved this year. We did the normal Halloween party at someone's house and then we left and headed out to Oaklawn. It was a crazy night but I loved every minute of it. I dyed my hair blonde for the night and didn't eat a single carb all week for it.  
This is a classic Lewis photo. Hahahaha
So in 2012, I had to have a costume I could wear to work as well. So it was pretty tame. I went as Animal, well a girl version of Animal. I think I accidently shrunk that shirt and gave it Landry. I could be if I haven't, Kara...does Landry want this?

And here we are...2013.....with my favorite costume I have ever worn. My Miley Cyrus costume for the VMA awards. I even got down to the littlest details including a chain necklace, a teddy bear, nude underwear sticking out the sides and big white platform shoes. It was a good thing I won best costume that year because I worked really hard on everything. 
Oh and what's this blog without a blast from the past photo from me in 1989 in my dance costume! I mean.....wasn't I the cutest thing EVER!!!! Heaven help me if I ever have a little girl who looks like that. Not to toot my own horn but come on.....!!!
And I remember this Halloween because of the costume.  I remember it being itchy where the polka-dotted shirt was attached to the black part. I carried that pumpkin bucket for years. I wonder if my mom still has it. That's my sister Kara in the blue behind me and Jill and Heather Moore too.
See I love Halloween!!!!! I hope you do to. Stay safe tonight on the streets. Oh and gets lots and lots of candy!!!!!!!
Happy Halloween Everyone!!