Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Angie!

Today's post is dedicated to my amazing sister in law, Angie Talbert. I am so blessed to have Angie. Angie was the first family member I really got to know out of Bobby's family. I fell in love with her the day I met her. She met Bobby and I at Hurricane Harbor and she was so warm and so crazy and had this spunk about her. And she's a knock out. But I never felt intimidated by her. She always made me feel welcomed and loved and whenever I am unhappy, I can get around Angie and her happiness changes my mood. She's a wonderful mom to Colton and I am so excited for this next baby....(girl girl girl....but probably a boy)! She's carefree and easy going and up for anything. She's a wiz in the kitchen and is always very sweet to remember to have something gluten free for me to eat. She is an AMAZING teacher, her scores are always at the highest. It doesn't shock me that she is a great teacher, people tend to be drawn to Angie and her way of teaching is always backed behind her free spirit. I have never met someone who has gone through as many hair styles as Angie has. I have been with Bobby for almost 11 years now and I believe every year, her hair changes. Rather it is the color or the cut or bangs or a combination of the 3, it always seems to be different. She stays as beautiful as ever but the hair, always different. I am super beyond blessed to have a husband that has a sister as great as she is. She is very dramatic but it's ok. The world could use a lot more Angie's in it.

Happy Birthday Angie. I love you so very much and I thank God for you everyday. Thank you for loving me for who I am and never changing who you are. What a joy to my life you are. Muah :)



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