Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's raining men, Hallelujah, it's raining men. Amen

Men and fashion usually don't go in the same sentence. If a man is fashionably savvy, he usually is called gay. Which is mean and judgmental. Yes, every gay man I have ever met usually knows about fashion and the do's and don'ts. Does that mean if a man is straight, he can't dress nice or look nice or have a fashion sense? should be a fashion savvy as women. I luckily have a man who gives a damn about how he looks and what he wears. And trust me, he is all man. He just understands that how we present ourselves matters and when you look good on the outside, it can help the inside feel good too.
Last week, I featured all my top 10 women's coats and jackets under $100 {here}. Today, I am featuring my top 8 men's coats and jackets under $100. The reason I did 10 with women was because I had a pregnancy coat and a plus-size coat. With men, they don't get pregnant and you don't find plus-size.
So let's get to it men.

1) Faux Leather- Sleeve Varsity Jacket- Forever 21- $44.50- Burgundy/Black, Navy/Black

What I love about this jacket is that it's rock guy meets cool guy meets I just don't give a damn guy. It's "hey, you wanna go to the movies tonight" or "hey, let's go to a concert" or "hey, your cute but I'm just not that into you". It's the type of jacket you would see on Ryan Gosling or Zac Efron. With the faux leather sleeves and the varisty style look, it really will add a sense of style to your wardrobe without making you feel like you can't be yourself.
2) Padded Pilot Jacket- H&M- $69.95- Dark Gray

This is type of jacket I want to snuggle with my man in. Either at a football game or around a camp fire or on my patio with a glass of wine. It's warm, it's stylish, it's rugged. This jacket is made for the type of man that offers you his jacket. And when you put it on its way to big but it smells like him and you seriously just want to melt in it. You men think it's hard to get to a women heart, I've just taught you step 1 !!

3) Nike Dri-Fit Performance- Nike- $75.00- Black Heather, White Wolf Grey, Light Magnet Grey, Black, and White Base Grey

This jacket is for you athletic men. It shows off your muscles and fit's right at the belt line. It helps show that you actually do work-out (even if you don't because this type of jacket hides a lot) but it gives you the comfort you so want. You look stylish without ever trying. Just be careful what you pair it with. Sweat pants and flip-flops defeat the whole purpose of it. Try jeans and converse or athletic pants and tennis shoes. And yes, there is a difference between sweat pants and athletic pants. If you don't know, ask the women sitting next to you. She can explain it. The 2 colors above are the white wolf grey and the black heather.
4) Wool-Blend Coat- Forever 21- $69.80- Charcoal Heather
Hello Mr. Fashionable! Pea-coats are so in. They are so modern and so sexy, and so 1940's. And the best thing about them, is that they are super warm without being bulky. They are on the heavy side though so keep that in mind if you looking to buy one. And they fit into every scene. You can feel confident wearing this coat to any place you go.
5) Ezekiel Party City Jacket- PACSUN- $89.95- Black
Love the 2 tone jackets this season. They add a sense of style were you normally wouldn't add to yourself. It is cotton and nylon so it's not extremely warm. But you men always say you are not cold even when you are. Like it's going to make you manlier because you tell us that. No, put on a damn jacket and get over it. But because this is cotton, it will feel like you are wearing nothing but will add that extra layer on top. I would suggest getting a size bigger so you can layer under it and it's cotton, so if you aren't great a washing your clothes, it might shrink some.
6) Nike Basketball Airtime- Nike- $75.00- Black/White/Grey
Again, for you athletic men. But instead of a pull-over, this is an actual jacket. It's nice, it's sleek, it's the type of jacket you would wear to your child's soccer game. But then turn around and take your wife to the movies in. There's not much to say about this jacket. It speaks for itself. about that. A jacket that actually makes a women stop talking........huh!
7) Short Twill Jacket- H&M- $49.95- Dark Blue and Black
I love bomber jackets. They look great on every body shape because of the way they hang on the body. They tend to make the shoulders broader and the waist smaller. And they are hot. They have this sophistication about them and this look that says I actually care what I wear but I don't want you to know I care. In the fall/winter/spring time, a jacket/coat is the first thing people see and the last thing people see. Get noticed in this jacket. Have a girl remember you when you walk in and leave, and if she's lucky enough, she gets to leave with you.
8) Men's UA Combine Training Tundra 1/2 zip- Under Armour- $89.99- Risk Red, Rifle Green, White, and Black

I liked these so much that I showed you every color they come in. I tend to not like the athletic look much. To me, it can be sloppy or make you look super lazy. But these jackets, say something totally different. They are nice, and have a sense of style to them. And the pattern on them is killer! It takes the athletic jacket to a whole other level. And it comes with a hoodie, which I love. This Under Armour Combine line has some great stuff. Not just this jacket. So make sure you go check it out.
So that's it guys! I hope you found something you love. Or women, I hope you found something you want to see on your man. I know I did!!!