Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I wanna know who had the idea to put corn kernels in a hot pan and see what happens?

Today is the first day of October. I love October because to me, it really starts the fall season. Pumpkin flavored/scented everything is in full swing, the air becomes a tad cooler and the leaves on the trees become the most beautiful shades of orange and pink and red. Also football is in full force and I spend almost all my day Sunday glued to my TV, screaming at Drew Brees to throw the damn ball and Giovanni Bernard to give momma a touchdown (for my fantasy of course)! And when I think about football, I think about food, junk food to be correct. But I do my best during the week to eat healthy so I try hard on the weekends to not ruin it. But if you read yesterday's blog, you see that at times splurging on food isn't a bad thing.
I love popcorn. But I have a hard time eating popcorn plain and when you buy the prepackaged ones, you get so many unwanted nutrition's. So I have opted for buying the kernels and popping it myself. If you know anything about me, you know I don't cook much but what I do make, is really good. Well popcorn has become a staple in my house ever since I taught myself how to pop it. As easy as it sounds to make popcorn on the stove, it can go from delicious to burnt in a matter of seconds. But remember how I told you how I don't like popcorn plain, adding salt to popcorn just makes me bloat. I already carry water easily, I don't need to add salt to mix. So my very clever husband came up with this concoction. I don't really remember how it happened, but I am so glad I allowed him one night to do this.
Let me introduce you to Buffalo Ranch flavored Popcorn!
and no, that is not powder. It is actually buffalo sauce. Let me show you how it's made.
These are the ingredients you will need:
Coconut oil
Popcorn kernels
Pam (or cooking spray)
A large pot with lid
Your favorite flavor of Buffalo sauce
Your favorite flavor of Ranch Dressing
Large bowl
Turn your burner on to medium heat and spray your large pot with Pam. Then add your coconut oil. Add enough oil to coat the bottom the of pan. If you put to much then pour some out. It just needs to coat the bottom. When you hear the oil begin to pop, pour in your kernels. I pour enough to fill the bottom of the pot. You want it to be laying flat against the pan. You can always add more, so add a little and shake it to evenly spread out. Then add more if need be. Cover with the lid to avoid hot kernels going everywhere.

Ok, so here is when it goes from zero to 60 quick. Once you start to hear a few kernels pop, make sure you are standing at the stove. It could take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes for it to happen. But once you start to notice it, pay attention. Let a few pop then take the handle of the pot in one hand and hold the lid in the other and shake it back in forth, but keeping the pot in contact with the hot stove. Don't pick it up and shake it, that will cause an accident. What you are doing is bringing the popped kernels up and the un-popped down. This also prevents from burning. Then allow it to continue to pop for a few seconds then shake it again. I keep repeating this process until the popping really slows down.

Then turn the stove off and carefully pour it into a large bowl, Make sure the bowl is big enough for you to be able to mix. Take your buffalo sauce and add just a tad. Remember you can always add more but you cant take away. It makes it easy if you have a helper (a husband, wife or child) and have them pour very slowly while you mix it by hand.

Then add more to continue the awesome flavor. Your goal is to get it a little damp. Buffalo sauce is hot so you don't want to coat them in it. The popcorn will wilt and you will throw it away.

Technically, you could stop there and enjoy it. That is what we use to do. Just the buffalo. But once we got going, we couldn't stop adding the flavors.
You don't have to, but then we like to add a little popcorn seasoning you can buy in the store. This flavor is parmesan garlic. We seriously just sprinkle a little bit to add a little more flavor and it help keep the popcorn from getting to wet.

Ok, so you could even stop here if you want. Taste amazing. But we like to take it up one other level.
We have discovered this amazing brand of dressing called Opa. It is the healthiest dressing to eat from what we can find. It is in the refrigerated section at your grocery store. If you follow my blog, you have noticed it before.
Because what is buffalo without ranch? You don't need a lot. We seriously only use about a tablespoon for the whole mixture. The trick to this is to keep mixing it. I seriously mix it for about a minute, from when Bobby starts pouring the buffalo till we end with the ranch.

And after all that mixing, what you have as the finish product! It seriously is one of my favorite snacks because I don't feel guilty about eating it. Popcorn has a lot of fiber and the buffalo and ranch we use doesn't add any carbs, salt or sugar to my body.

It is the perfect way to end my night or while I am screaming at The Cowboys (who are doing amazing I might add). Besides my gluten free chocolate chip cookies I make {recipe here}, this is my favorite snack. We are currently working on figuring out another yummy topping we can add to our popcorn and once we do, I will for sure share the recipe.
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