Friday, October 3, 2014

It's Friday!!!!

You have made it through another work week!
Maybe you have conquered what you had planned to do!
Maybe you told Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to go suck it!
Maybe you don't like Friday's because that means Saturday is around the corner and you must find things to do to keep your kids entertained because they aren't in school!
Maybe you like Friday's because you can leave work in time for happy hour!
Maybe Friday to you is a reminder on how fast your life is flying by!
Maybe Friday is the day you decide you aren't going to do anything because you know Monday will slowly make it's way around again and you can do it then!
Maybe when you get in your car on Friday's, the music tends to be a little happier and a little louder and just maybe, if you're feeling it, the windows will be rolled down!
Wherever Friday takes you, I hope it makes you happy and you can laugh and love and be filled with so much spirit.


The Flashback Friday I had planned on doing today, I am saving for another day. I just wasn't feeling it today and I have decided to do a few interviews with people on it before I make the post. Thought it would be fun to get other's peoples opinions on the subject matter than just my own.

Tomorrow I am going to the State Fair of Texas so next week I will posting all about the food we eat so if you haven't been yet, you can decide what you want before you go. I am going to do my best to remember where we get each one. Luckily I am going with my family and Tim is amazing at knowing where we are at almost any given time so I will be relying on him to tell him. 
I will also be devoting a day to how to go to the fair and eat Gluten Free. Yes, it is possible! I have my list ready and I will do my best to find the best ones on the list for you! Wish me luck!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
The weather in Dallas is going to be gorgeous and I plan on taking full advantage of it!